Whips & Paddles

For some of us, pain is pleasure. A sex whip, sex paddle or other impact toys can have us reeling for more.

If you’re into sexy whipping, then load yourself up with LoveAngels vast selection of whips, paddles, floggers and more.

Experience the rush of impact play!

Find The Right Sex Whip For You - Best Bondage Whips And Paddles

BDSM play comes in a variety of flavors. And unless you've tried a few, it's difficult to determine which is best for you. Sensation play is a sort of BDSM that integrates new types of touch, playful spanking, thudding impacts, into your playtime.

A sex whip, sex paddle, corp flogger, or other sex toys can have us reeling for more. If you’re into sexy whipping, then load yourself up with LoveAngel’s vast selection of whips, paddles, corp floggers, fetish sex whip, flogger sex whip, and more. Experience the rush of impact play!

BDSM Floggers, Corset Paddle, Fetish Sex Whip

For some of us, pain is a pleasure. Some of us love spanking because of the physical sensation. It turns anguish into pleasure. We have a variety of paddles in addition to crops, sex whips, and floggers for giving a good spanking.

You've come to the perfect place if you want to spice up your sex life with sensation play and get totally kinky. LoveAngel's has a large range of reasonably priced corp floggers, sex whips, fetish sex whips, and ticklers. Our BDSM store allows you to go completely wild in your bedroom.

Make Your Bedroom BDSM Playground With Loveangels -

Let’s get adventurous with the adult BDSM sex toys and know what it might feel to be spanked or even slapped a little bit. Drape hardly the flogger sex whip over your partner’s skin and provide them the strong thudding sensations. Corp floggers, flogger sex whips can be used on thighs, breasts, buttocks, or even on the upper back.

There are several methods to investigate the sweet side of suffering and learn what turns you on the most. You can tap or smack your buttocks, inner thighs, or nipples with a sex crop, sex whips, sex floggers, paddles. As your dominating side increases the intensity, you'll moan with delight.

Whatever type of bondage play you choose, Loveangel's extensive selection of whips, sex paddles, and crops will satisfy you.

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