orgasm denial / bdsm chastity

A Guide To Orgasm Denial And Chastity Play

As one of the fastest-growing kinks out there, orgasm denial is best known when used as part of chastity play.
It’s part of BDSM culture, and is best known for its use of the chastity belt.
But how does it work?
Let’s take a look at orgasm denial, BDSM chastity, and how you can start exploring it safely.

The Loveangels Guide To Orgasm Denial & BDSM Chastity

What Is Orgasm Denial?

Orgasm denial is the act of restricting either your own, or somebody else’s orgasm.
It’s often paired with sexual teasing (“Teasing and Denial”) and focuses on keeping the person aroused at all times, without any sexual release.
While it might sound scary (and just plain unpleasant), many people who engage in orgasm denial say that it’s great for many things, including:

Strengthening Willpower

For many people, sexual pleasure is a primal urge.
It’s how we continue the species, after all.
Delaying that gratification is one of the best ways to test your mental fortitude, and to strengthen it too.

Transferring Power In The Bedroom

Giving your partner the ability to delay your orgasms (or deny them altogether) is a great way to begin exploring BDSM and power-play.

Strengthening Bonds With Partners

For some, the act of being in a space of BDSM chastity is a great way to strengthen the bonds they have with their partners.
Communicating about sex while wearing a chastity belt is a huge turn-on for many people
Apart from that, it increases communication and regular check-ins - something which strengthens the bond between partners.

More Powerful Orgasms

One part of orgasm denial is edging.
Edging is the act of getting close to orgasm, stopping just before climax, and starting again.
Edging builds up the tension and sexual energy, providing a much more intense orgasm when it’s finally time.

Aiding With Problems In Bed

Many couples have gone to dominatrices to learn about chastity, and how orgasm denial can help with problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Devices For Chastity Play

There are a few things you can use when getting into BDSM chastity, such as:

Chastity Belt

A classic in the world of BDSM chastity, the chastity belt is designed to block any access to intimate areas, and is usually worn for extended periods of time, locked with a key.
The key is given to another person to keep, thereby making orgasms impossible to achieve.
Chastity belts are designed for people of any gender.

Cock Cage

Cock cages are designed for men.
This is the most common kind of chastity device you’ll find, and is designed to encase the penis in a cage that makes masturbation impossible.
It’s a popular tool in the world of sissification and cuckoldry.
They normally consist of stainless steel, or silicone.

Chastity Bra

Chastity bras can be worn by people of any gender.
They’re usually worn in conjunction with a chastity belt, and make any sort of stimulation impossible.

Getting Into Chastity Play

With chastity play and orgasm denial, the main tool you’ll use with your partner is trust.
While those more experienced can wear their devices for months (and sometimes years), it’s important to start slowly.
This is not a natural thing for the body, after all.
So make sure you only wear it for a few hours a day initially.
The other thing to keep in mind is shaving.
Hairs can get caught in the device, and make for a painful experience in the long run.
If you’re the one in chastity, communicate regularly with your partner to make sure they know where you’re at.
If you’re the one with the key, make sure you check in often to ensure your partner is doing okay.
Wearing the chastity device for an hour or two a day is recommended by most people in the world of BDSM chastity, and bringing it into the bedroom is a great way to start getting into orgasm denial as well.
By focusing on your partner’s pleasure, you’re often able to learn more about their body language - something which can be used outside of the bedroom as well.

What About 24/7 Chastity?

For the most part, men are the ones who experience near-constant chastity.
Given the complex nature of the vagina, it’s not possible to have it on 24/7.
But the idea of constantly being locked up isn’t a realistic expectation.
Like so many things in the kink-world, it’s just a fantasy.
The truth is the device needs to be removed regularly to be cleaned, and to make sure intimate hygiene is maintained.

What About Orgasm Denial?

Orgasm denial doesn’t necessarily have to involve chastity devices.
It could be as simple as tying your partner up, or just telling them not to touch themselves at all.
The most common type of orgasm denial (apart from complete denial) is edging.
Some people find this erotic, with the idea of giving the ability to orgasm to somebody else being a way for them to give their partner the ability to measure how happy they’ve been with them. 


Orgasm denial and BDSM chastity go hand in hand.
While you can have orgasm denial without BDSM chastity, many people prefer the power-play that comes in when using chastity devices.
Above all, always remember that (like all kinks), communication and consent is absolutely vital in making this kink work - and never rush it.
Make sure you and your partner are comfortable and safe. If you’re not, then stop and look at it from another angle.
With all of this in mind, the Loveangels team has only one thing left to say:
Have fun, and be safe!