Guide To Tantric Sex

A Guide To Tantric Sex

While it may be fun for many of us, sex is also a powerful opportunity to bond.
Perhaps the best form of bonding is tantric sex.
Let’s take a look at tantric sex, what it is, and how you can get into it.

The Loveangels Guide To Tantric Sex

What Is Tantra?

Dating back more than 5,000 years, tantra is an ancient Indian practice. In Sanskrit, the word translates to “woven together”.

What Is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex is seen by many as a practice to bring spirituality and sexuality together, emphasising the importance of intimacy during a sexual experience.
It’s a whole new form of sexual connection that allows you to access a deeper level of feeling, sensation, energy and, ultimately, more of who you and your partner are.
In tantric sex, the term “tantra” refers more to weaving together masculine and feminine forces.
The purpose is to focus on the union between two people - bringing your energy, passion, and desires to align with your heart - and the heart of your partner. 
Tantra is seen as one of the most romantic expressions of love and sex, and has been noted by many people as a force which helps them grow closer to themselves and their partners.

What Are The Benefits Of Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex offers many benefits:

Releasing You From Expectations

Many people approach the act of having sex with certain expectations and concerns.
Things such as whether it will hurt and whether or not you or your partner will climax are concerns many people have.
Tantric sex aims to release those expectations. It’s something that can be experienced without penetration, orgasm, or even a partner.
Letting go of expectations can help you to relax, and enjoy the moment, which promotes mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being around sex.

Encouraging Mindfullness

From work to finances, everybody deals with a bunch of daily stressors. 
Stressors that, if left unchecked, can enter into the bedroom, making sex much more difficult to enjoy.
Tantric sex aims to remove those distractions and focus on your body - or your partner’s.
Ultimately, it teaches you to enjoy the moment, and have better sex.

Deeper Connecting

Whether you’re exploring tantra and tantric sexuality with your partner or by yourself, the practice can make you more in tune with sexual experiences.
Through breathing, massage, or partner-based methods such as eye contact, your focus is solely on building a deeper connection with yourself and your partner for more intimacy.

Extending Sex

Tantric sex is all about slow, thoughtful interactions. It allows you to explore and relax, rather than aim for the big O.
From long sessions of foreplay, through to edging, tantric sex often lasts longer than traditional sexual intercourse.


Tantric Sex With A Partner - Tips

Prepare A Safe Space

You should always practice tantric sex in a space that feels comfortable and sacred.
Pick a room in your house, make sure it’s clean, and set the mood by lighting candles or incense, and playing relaxing music.
Both you and your partner should shower, and find something to wear that makes you feel comfortable and sensual.
Turn off your phone to avoid distractions, and focus on being in the moment.

Start With Eye Gazing

Sit up straight facing your partner, and stare into each other’s eyes.
Often called soul gazing or eye gazing, the process may make you uncomfortable initially - but don’t look away.
After a few minutes, you should feel yourself begin to relax and feel a sense of intimacy.
You can hold hands, or start synchronising your breathing to stay in tune with one another.

Create A Circuit

After eye gazing, many people create a “hands-on-the-heart” circuit.
You and your partner should place your right hand over your partner’s heart, and your left over your own.
If you focus, you can feel something powerful flowing from you to your partner.

Add Physical Foreplay

After establishing your connection, you can start kissing your partner slowly and deeply, or give them a full-body massage to ramp up the tantric experience. 

Try Edging

Tantric sex isn’t about orgasm.
If you want to draw out the experience, try bringing yourself or your partner to the edge of orgasm, and then stopping to build up one another.
Edging has also been shown to increase pleasure during sex.


Go As Far As You’re Comfortable

The beauty of tantric sex is that it doesn’t have to lead to penetration.
Find out what your partner’s expectations are.
If you and your partner want to have sex, there are some positions you can try:


Tantric Sex With A Partner - Positions



Have the penetrating partner sit cross-legged, with the receiving partner sitting on their lap, legs wrapped around their lower back.
You can focus on synchronising your breathing again, penetration, grinding, or just being in the moment with one another.


Third Eye Bliss

Essentially, Third Eye Bliss is missionary.
The penetrating partner can position themselves on top of the receiving partner, and penetrate them, grind against them, or just focus on being in the moment.


Snake Trap

Similar to the Yab-Yum, the penetrating partner sits on the floor, but with their legs spread in front of them.
The receiving partner then straddles the penetrator, spreading their legs out instead of wrapping them around their partner.
Each partner has their hands on the other’s ankles for stability.


Open Pincer

The receiving partner lies down with their legs in the penetrating partner’s hands. The penetrating partner then enters their partner while holding their legs up.


The Swing

This tantric sex position has the penetrating partner lie on their back, and can lift or lower their pelvis.
The receiving partner mounts the penetrating partner, and has full control.


Tantric Sex Solo - Tips

If you want to get into tantric sex on your own, the steps are very similar.
The only difference here is that, instead of exploring your partner’s body, you explore your own, making sure you focus on your breathing.



While it’s seen as more of a meditative practice, tantric sex has the ability to bring partners together in ways they never expected or experienced and can create stronger bonds than they thought they’d have before.
By allowing everything else to fall away, you can spend time with your partner, learning more about them, and letting them learn more about you, too.