Best Travel-Friendly Sex Toys For Wander(lust)ers On The Go

Best Travel-Friendly Sex Toys For Wander(lust)ers On The Go

We’ve all heard of horror stories about people being stopped by airport security for having a bag that’s vibrating, and, worrying it’s a bomb threat, they open the bag to find that a vibrator has switched on.

Traveling with sex toys can be daunting, but we’ve put together a list of the best travel-friendly sex toys that’ll make traveling pleasurable.


5 Best Travel-Friendly Sex Toys


  1. Satisfyer Pro Traveler


First on the list is the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. Like the name suggests, it’s designed for the woman on the go, and is one of the best travel-friendly sex toys. Firstly because it uses tiny air waves instead of vibrators, not the least of which is the fact that it comes with its own travel case, which conceals the shape - meaning nobody knows its there but you!


  1. Satisfyer Mini Lovely Honey


The second one on our list of the best travel vibrators is the Satisfyer Mini Lovely Honey. This lipstick-shaped vibrator packs a punch with up to 5 speeds, and can be used with or without the cap for different sensations.


What makes this one of the best travel-friendly sex toys is its unassuming shape, which allows it to be slipped into your luggage or backpack if you’re feeling daring.


  1. Satisfyer Top Secret With App Control


Speaking of daring - if you’re really up for something risqué, the Satisfyer Top Secret With App Control is easily at the top of the list of the best travel vibrators. 


With 2 shafts, it’s guaranteed to stimulate both the vagina and anus, while still remaning discreet. Add to that the fact that it’s app controlled, and you’re guaranteed to have an interesting drive or flight!


  1. All Time Favourites Diamond Plug


Another pluggable option in our list of the best travel-friendly sex toys is the All Time Favourites Diamond Plug.


Its small size makes it great for long-term wear, and can be easily inserted and removed in a moment’s notice, and the body-safe silicone won’t set off any detectors along the way! Now that’s a travel friendly sex toys.


  1. Satisfyer Double Love Luxury Partner Vibrator


Travelling with your partner? Then the Satisfyer Double Love Luxury Partner Vibrator is for you.

With an app that works on Bluetooth or the Internet, as well as a remote, you can turn ambient noise into discreet vibrations, ensuring that you and your partner have fun while away - without worrying about anything vibrating along the way!


8 Locations Where Sex Toys Are Strictly Banned


  1. Maldives

Adult toys fall under the category of “pornographic materials”, which the Maldives Customs Service bans outright.


  1. Saudi Arabia

Despite having some of the most amazing scenery, the experiences in Saudi Arabia are ones that you won’t be having with a toy.

Sex toys fall under the category of “pornographic materials”, which is illegal under Islamic law.

While there is a “halal” sex shop in Saudia Arabia, it doesn’t carry anything more than scented candles and creams.


  1. The United Arab Emirates

The UAE is known for being incredibly advanced in terms of aesthetic designs, and access to the latest tech.

But one thing they’re outdated on is their views when it comes to adult toys.

Sex toys are strictly prohibited in the country, so just attempting to carry them into the UAE is going to land you in trouble.


  1. Thailand

Thailand’s list of experiences ranges from adventurous locations and thai food, and ends at their list of prohibited goods, especially their “obscene objects” which includes - you guessed it - sex toys.


  1. Vietnam

In 2011, the General Department of Vietnam Customs announced that Vietnamese officials wouldn’t be allowed to import sex toys. Travelers that bring toys in will be forced to hand them over to customs officers, and will be given them back once they leave.

  1. India

While sex toys aren’t entirely illegal here, the biggest determining factor in India is the shape of the toy. Massagers, for example, are allowed, but anything shaped like a penis is not.


  1. Malaysia

The Malaysian Penal Code states that anybody who owns, sells or distributes, “any obscene book, pamphlet, paper, painting representation or figure, or any other obscene object whatsoever shall be imprisoned for a term which may extend up to three years, or with a fine, or both.”


  1. United States (Alabama)

Traveling to the States with a sex toy? No problem - just make sure you stay out of Alabama.

The 1998 Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act has made the sale of sex toys illegal in Alabama.



Ultimately, you could have the best travel-friendly sex toys, with all the bells and whistles, but the most important thing to remember is that there’s no shame in owning a sex toy. If people are staring, chances are that they’re just jealous.