Brand Spotlight: Satisfyer

Brand Spotlight: Satisfyer

Every once in a while, there’s a trailblazer in the industry - one that’s impossible to ignore.

For us, that trailblazer is none other than Satisfyer.

The German-owned adult toy brand has been making waves with some of its products, which is exactly why we decided to have a look at some of the best Satisfyer products in our Satisfyer review!

Satisfyer Sex Toy Range

Most Popular: Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus Vibration (2020 edition)

Easily the most popular sex toy on this list, the Satisfyer Pro 2 builds on what made Satisfyer stand out. 
The reverse-suction technology is designed to amplify clitoral stimulation, which has lead to many people saying that it’s their go-to toy.

Best For Couples: Satisfyer Partner Double Classic

Satisfyer’s outside-the-box thinking has resulted in some incredibly clever devices, and the Partner Double Classic is… well, a classic.
This toy is designed for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, as well as tightening the vagina, making it great for penetrative sex as well, with both parties feeling the good vibrations.

Best For Solo Play: Satisfyer Endless Joy Rechargeable Couples Vibrator

Don’t let the name fool you. While there are a lot of couple’s toys in the Satisfyer sex toy range, their big plus is the fact they’re flexible and have multiple uses. The Endless Joy vibrator, for example, has up to 14 applications, and can be used just about everywhere you want, making it great for solo play as well!

Best For Men: Satisfyer Men Wand Masturbator

While it’d be easy to point Satisfyer’s Heat And Vibration Masturbator, what makes the Wand stand out is the fact that it’s a great tool for solo play, or with a partner for an enhanced oral experience.
It’s also waterproof, like all Satisfyer products, making it a great vibrator for the guys out there!

Best For Travel: Satisfyer Pro Traveller

We really love this toy.
Making use of the classic air-waves instead of vibrations, it’s compact, but packs a punch.
On top of that, it has a discreet travel case, making it great for traveling!

Best On A Budget: Satisfyer Teaser Rechargeable Finger Vibrator

One of the cheapest on the list, the Rechargeable Finger Vibrator is great for men, women and couples.
The flexible toy vibrates, and can be used for solo play, couples play, and anything in between. 

Cutest: Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation

Making use of the Pro’s suction technology, the only thing that makes the Penguin stand out is the fact that it’s just plain cute - something which is great for beginners.


Whatever your preference, there’s no denying that Satisfyer sex toy range is great for beginners and veterans, and we hope this Satisfyer review showcases the best of the range - and some extras!