Chastity Device 101: All You Need to Know

Chastity Device 101: All You Need to Know

Do you enjoy having someone else in control of your sexuality? To be so submissive that you can’t feel pleasure when you crave it the most – it even hurts when you get hard? Well, you naughty little deviant, a chastity device may be on your next sex toy shopping list.

Exploring the sexual realm with a chastity device

Chastity devices fall within the BDSM kink world (bondage and discipline, dominant and submissive, sadism and masochism) of power dynamics and control. By restricting access to the genitals with a lock, chastity devices prevent any sexual activity either with a partner or solo.

There are different types of chastity devices specifically designed for those with vulvas and penises and cater towards different needs and differences. But all of them have one thing in common: someone else has full control over your genitalia.

So here we are to provide you with all the answers to your curiosity about chastity devices.

The precarious history of chastity devices 

Within the world of human sexuality, chastity devices are nothing new. We’ve seen them in Medieval-based films as the comical representation of women’s sexuality being possessed by either her father or husband. (Yes, Medieval chastity belts seem to be more fictitious lore than any concrete fact, shares medieval scholar Albrecht Classen in a HowStuffWorks article.)

Unlike the so-called Middle Ages preservation of a woman’s ‘virtue’, the chastity belt has appeared more recently within the app-based chastity device scandal of 2021. In the technological age we live in, we get to enjoy app-controlled sex toys, but in 2021, hackers found a security loophole in a chastity device app and held men’s genitals for ransom, which is not so fortunate. So, this is a friendly reminder to always ensure your cybersecurity when using app-based sex toys!

What is a chastity device?

In short, a chastity device is a broad term for chastity belts and cages that either encase the penis or cover the vulva and clitoris and are secured with a lock and key or combination code. These devices prevent erections and prevent any sexual activity without the keyholder’s consent or command.

That said, the submissive partner should always agree to and consent to any sexual acts. Introducing a safe word and checking in with the sub’s sexual boundaries and comfort levels is essential for a safe and consensual sexual environment.

Chastity devices are either metal, plastic, silicone or leather, and come with different add-ons, such as electroschocks or butt plugs. Each one offers distinct sensations depending on the wearer’s preferences.

What’s the point of a chastity device?

The chastity kink is a liberating tool in the face of the societal pressure of ‘gender norms’ and how they inform our sexuality. For instance, ‘men’ in the eyes of society should be in control and are often portrayed as the dominant figure in society and sex. And across the other side of the gender norm spectrum, some powerful and independent ‘women’ experience this pressure to be in control and responsible.

For some, the chastity kink is freeing. By entering a submissive role with their sexuality, they hand over that control to someone else and escape these societal roles.

Besides this, many enjoy the thrill of not having access to their genitals or not being able to experience genital stimulation and pleasure. This type of suspense, dominance, control, and discipline turns people on and activates sexual activity beyond penetration.

What is a chastity device used for?

Depending on your sexual desires, fantasies, and kinks, chastity devices can be incorporated into various acts of sexual exploration.

  • BDSM – Chastity devices are commonly used within power dynamic play to enhance control and submission.
  • Delayed gratification – Without genital stimulation, chastity devices prolong arousal helping build sexual tension, and delay orgasms, which can heighten sensations and climax when the genitals are finally released and get to join the party. Want to explore more delayed gratification? The Prince's Wand Dilator with Eikel Ring or You2Toys Vibrating Penis Plug offers sperm control and intense, new sensations.
  • Building trust and intimacy – Exploring power dynamics requires immense trust between partners. Introducing a chastity device in the mix can enhance this trust and intimacy through communication and sexual exploration.
  • Sexual exploration   We all like playing with new shiny, toys. Chastity devices can be used as a tool to explore new sexual dynamics, experiences, and fantasies with partners.

How to use a chastity device

Looking to try out a chastity device? Firstly, choose one that is comfortable for you. Consider the size and the material to ensure that that doesn’t cause chaffing, injury or discomfort, such as stopping the blood flow or urination. You2Toys Cock Cage Set offers a comfortable begginer’s chastity set with a soft penis sleeve and various size rings to explore chastity before using a hard plastic or metal cage.

Secondly, clean it regularly to avoid infections or nasty odours. Finally, discuss boundaries, sexual desires, and any concerns before introducing a chastity device and power dynamics with partners.


Despite the mysterious history of chastity devices, they hold the potential for exciting, new power dynamic play. Keep it clean, keep it safe, and enjoy the thrill of sexuality beyond conventional sex.