A guide to using nipple clips

Everything you need to know about nipple clamps and play

Today we’re starting with a little riddle. We all have them, everyone likes them, and social media bans them. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours (and each is diversely beautiful). Wanna guess the answer? Yes, we’re talking about the wonderful nipples! Often ignored, second-guessed or briefly stroked, the nips are glossed over during sensual play. And so, nipple clamps are even more underrated and, unfortunately, misunderstood within the bosom of the sexual realm.

All you need to know about nipple clamps

Unlike vibrators, cock rings, and the plethora of lubes available, nipple clamps could be labelled as the black sheep of the sex toy family. Often misperceived as reserved for those who enjoy BDSM play focused on torturous pain, nipple clamps are much more than that.

Yes, nipple clamps can be used to invoke a sensation of pain, but it is mostly enjoyed for its emphasis on sensation. And it can be used by all bodies with nipples. Sex educator Lisa Finn tells Healthline that everyone with nipples – regardless of nipple and breast size, gender or sexuality – can enjoy the pleasure of nipple clamps.

What are nipple clamps used for?

Fun fact: many can orgasm from nipple play.

Crazy, right? In fact, research from a 2019 study found that nipple stimulation activates the same part of the brain – the genital sensory cortex – as genital stimulation. There are hundreds of nerves present in the nipples, and this stimulation can focus directly on the nipple, the chest, and the breast. And enhanced stimulation can lead to a tantalising climax and (hopefully) the big O!

So how can clamping the nipples lead to this stimulation? Nipple clamps slightly pinch the nipples, making them extra sensitive after the clamps come off and more play begins.

Putting nipple clamps on

Like all things sexual, not every toy or sensual play is for everyone. If you haven’t tried nipple clamps before, you may or may not like them. And that’s okay. But we do implore you to give it a go – you may gain a whole new exciting erogenous zone, leaving you weak in the knees with your eyes rolling in the back of your head. (We can’t promise it but it’s worth a try!)

Trying the pinch

Like trying a new lube to see if it will cause any irritation, try a nipple clamp on a test area. Opt for a less sensitive area of the body like an ear lobe to see if the pain is something you can handle or potentially enjoy.

If it’s a sensation that intrigues you, try it on an erect nipple. Erect is best. This avoids squeezing or pinching too hard on a soft nipple. Need some help getting them going? Get those nips up by using your fingers or a nipple sucker or pump.

There are a variety of nipple clamps available. Some have bells, extra weights or chains. Others have a vibrating function for that extra sense of pleasure. And they all have one thing in common: they’re completely adjustable.

If you are new to nipple clamps, start by placing them horizontally or vertically across your nipple and position them around the nipple without having to hold them there.

You can then increase the pressure by tightening the clamp, making it smaller and the sensation more intense. Find a placement that is comfortable for you and what feels good.

Have nipple rings? No worries, you don’t have to take them out. Apply the clamps vertically – in the opposite direction of the piercings.

Introducing nipple clamps during sexual play

The real sensual magic happens after the clamps come off. Nipple clamps restrict the flow of blood to the nipple, causing a rush of blood and sensation once they come off. This is when we can truly bask in the pleasure.

Mix it up! After they come off, explore more nipple play. Use a feather tickler, fingers, tongue, or bullet vibrator to focus on creating an intense sensation in the nipples. Nibble, suck, lick, tug, pinch, touch. Get creative and explore different sensations to see what the nipple clamp wearer enjoys. 

Keeping nipple clamps safe

A safe warning: nipple clamps shouldn’t be worn longer than 10 minutes at a time. Throughout the experience, check in with your nips. Are they blue, or very red? Are they cold to the touch? If so, remove them as soon as possible, and reduce the pressure or the time of using them.

For all things sexual and intimate, ensure that you and your partner/s have a safe word in place if the pain becomes unpleasurable or you feel uncomfortable at any point.

Explore those nips, friends!

As we become more open about sexual kinks and sensual play in society, we get to discover more about ourselves and our partners sexually. And if you haven’t tried the underrated world of nipple clamps and nipple play, it’s time to get exploring! Try it out, keep it safe and find out what you like and what you don’t.