female ejaculation

Everything You Need To Know About Squirting

Female ejaculation. 
The tsunami of love.
Whatever you want to call it, chances are that you’ve heard about it.
But how does it work, and what is being released?
Let’s take a look at squirting.

Female Ejaculation - What You Need To Know About Squirting

Squirting - also known as female ejaculation - refers to the process of female fluid release during g-spot stimulation in those with vulvas.
The fluid - which isn’t pure pee, but rather a combination of urea, uric acid and creatinine - is released by the Skene’s glands, which sit at the lower end of the urethra.
When somebody does squirt, it’s usually from g-spot stimulation, or clitoral and g-spot stimulation.

What Does It Feel Like?

There’s a fair amount of differentiation when it comes to the sensation of squirting.
Some have said that female ejaculation really does feel as intense as they’d imagine male ejaculation would feel, while others say that they feel like they need to pee just before squirting occurs.

Can Everyone Squirt?

The ability for anybody to experience female fluid release is a contentious topic.
Scientifically speaking, anybody with a vulva can.
But that doesn’t mean they will.
Studies have found that anywhere from 10% - 50% of those with vulvas have the ability to squirt - but there’s nothing to categorically say that it’s better than not squirting.

The Basics

Firstly, it’s called squirting for a reason. 
Female ejaculation is a messy process, and laying out some sheets beforehand should be the first step.
Some people have said they prefer to get into the tub to avoid having to clean up. Some people release a teaspoon of fluid, others can release much, much more.
Once that’s prepped, get some candles ready, set the mood, and get ready to give yourself (or your partner) some love.

Which Positions Are Best For Female Ejaculation?

Whether you’re looking to explore squirting with a partner, or just doing it alone, we’ve got some positions that are great for squirting.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is great for reaching the g-spot. 
Start by positioning yourself on all fours with your partner behind you. 
Have them penetrate you with a dildo or penis, and experiment by widening your legs or lowering yourself to reach different depths and stimulation.
You can always throw in a vibrator for some extra stimulation. 

Manual Missionary

Manual stimulation is much more likely to make somebody squirt than penetrative sex is.
The best way to achieve female ejaculation is for the receiver to lie down and stimulate themselves, or have the giver go down on the receiver while penetrating with a finger.
Try lying down, and have your partner position themselves between your legs. 
Then, let them insert a finger or two, and curl them up towards your belly button, moving in a “come hither” motion.
You can touch your clit, or have your partner also go down on you to help with stimulation.

Toy Play

While this can be achieved with a lot of toys, we recommend using the Satisfyer G-Spot Flex 3-Multi Vibrator to reach the g-spot more easily.
Try lying down, applying a generous amount of lube, and inserting the toy and rubbing it against your g-spot while your partner stimulates your clit with their finger, a toy, or their mouth.

What About Squirting Solo?

If you can do it with a partner, you’ll definitely be able to do it by yourself.
If you want to try squirting while masturbating, here are a few steps to help you get started:


Lie down, set the mood, or do whatever it is that you usually do when you’re getting ready to get off.

Explore Your Body

Slowly begin touching yourself in areas like your neck, nipples, or inner thigh with a toy or your hands to get yourself warmed up.

Rub Your Nub

Once you’re warmed up, start touching your clitoris to stimulate yourself.
If you’d prefer, you can look at using a
clit suction toy, too!

Find Your G-Spot

The g-spot becomes more pronounced once you’re getting aroused.
You can use g-spot stimulation toys, or use your fingers to massage yourself.
Some people don’t enjoy having their g-spot stimulated - and that’s alright! 

Keep Going

As we said before, some people feel like they need to go to the bathroom before they squirt - if you feel this, it may be a sign you’re getting closer to squirting.


As with anything in life, you’ll only get better at something if you practice.
Whether you reach the point of squirting or not, it’s a good idea to explore your body and learn about it!

What If I’m Trying To Make My Partner Squirt?

If you’re wanting to help your partner reach female ejaculation, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Don’t pressure them
Don’t make them feel bad if they can’t
Don’t assume penetration is the best way to get there

Help your partner by getting them to relax.
You’ll need to engage in a lot of foreplay, and make sure you stimulate their clit.
And, keep going until they tell you to stop.

An Important Note

While it might seem like a fun idea to try, female fluid release also means releasing anything that’s in those fluids.
STIs that can be transmitted through bodily fluid can be transferred when squirting.
Always make sure you use a finger condom, dental dam, or condom before you begin (or all three!)

What If It Doesn’t Happen?

Sometimes it doesn’t happen.
Sometimes it does.
Sometimes it takes years until you reach it.
There’s nothing wrong if you can’t squirt - as long as you enjoy the sensation!


Squirting can be fun for you and your partner, but it may not happen immediately. But that’s okay! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and patience will be the most important thing in helping you reach the big S-Q-U-I-R-T!