Kink & Fetishes - Top 10 Different Kinks and Fetishes You Should Know

Kink & Fetishes - Top 10 Different Kinks and Fetishes You Should Know

Sexual desires are real. You will be amazed by knowing the wild kinks and sexual desires that are present in this wild world. People are nowadays getting more comfortable talking about it. Each one of you has engaged in or acted on some form of sexual fetish or kinks at one time or another. And the more you become acquainted with the kink, the more you may be ready to embrace your partner's possible wishes. Keep in mind that consent must be considered by both you and your partner. Harming others is not an option; instead, the goal is to enjoy the sexual chemistry you have.

"Kinky" sex is defined as any sexually exciting behavior that is "unusual" or "out of the ordinary." Fetish on the other hand is a behavior in which a person is sexually attracted or gets aroused by a specific body part like - neck, feet, breasts, act like - smoking, object like - bra, panty, sexy lingerie. If a person has a fetish for something, he/she can’t get sexually active until or unless that thing is present during the sexual activity.

Now that we've clarified that crucial distinction, here are some of the most frequent fetishes/ Kinks:

Anal Sex -

Some people prefer anal penetration, while others prefer anal sex toys in their butts. When someone enjoys putting the sex object inside the butt while wearing clothing and even engaging in non-sexual social activities, this is a subset of the kink.

Aquaphilia -

Aquaphilia is a sexual fetish characterized by a strong desire for water. The name literally translates to "water lover". Aquaphilia is defined as a sexual interest or pleasure elicited by watching people swim, holding their breath underwater, or engaging in sexual behavior in or underwater.

Amaurophilia -

Some people love to get intimate in total darkness. The sexual behavior in which a person is getting turned on with blindfolded sex is called Amaurophilia. In this, a person gets sexual pleasure and arousal from a partner who is blind or unable to see owing to artificial measures such as blindfolding or having sex in complete darkness.

Foot Fetish -

A person who is involved with “Foot Fetish”, enjoys smelling, licking, and tasting feet. Every element with the foot can pique this person's interest. The majority of foot fetishists are males. They also demand some interaction with any area of your foot to feel orgasm and total sexual fulfillment.

BDSM - Bondage, and Discipline -

It's an umbrella phrase for couples who engage in any sort of dominant-submissive power play during sex. It stands for bondage, domination and submission, sadism, and masochism, and describes couples who engage in any form of dominant-submissive power play during sex.

One or more of the participants must require this form of activity in order to be sexually stimulated for this to be regarded as a fetish rather than merely a component of healthy sex life.

Clothed Sex (Endytophilia) -

The desire to engage in sexual activity while fully or partially clothed. If someone can't get aroused unless you're clothed during sex he may have a fetish called Endytophilia. This kink can be enjoyed while lowering your skirt or lingerie to allow your man to penetrate you. This fetish can also be shown by pushing undergarments to the side.

Voyeurism -

A Voyeurism kink is defined as being turned on by watching other people engage in sexual activity. If you're extremely turned on by witnessing yourself having sex in a mirror, this could be your kink. Make sure you're in a consenting atmosphere, such as a sex club or a sex party, if you want to explore this fetish further.

Bondage -

Bondage-play is a means of getting pleasure through the act of straining the body's sexual boundaries. Consent is used to bind the partner and tease them with a variety of objects like
physical restraint (cuffs, rope, etc.) or full-body restraints (Hoods, masks & blindfolds, ball gags, chastity).

Cunnilingus -

This kink can be used to receive oral sex as a woman or to provide it as a man or a woman. Cunnilingus is like special urgency and delight for those who have a pussy eating fetish.
You won't have to persuade your partner to go down on if he has a fetish for licking pussy.

Cunnilingus is widely regarded as a standard, required component of the erotic repertoire—one of the fundamentals.

Dirty talking -

Some people like to talk dirty with his/her partner while having sex. Staying mute or completely silent is a complete turn-off for them, and it's lead them to very boring sex life.

Role Play -

Roleplaying is a terrific way to add a fresh aspect to any relationship by bringing it into the bedroom. You can test anything and only commit to it to the extent that you are comfortable with. Some people will develop a favorite style of roleplaying that they will engage in on a regular basis. This is when it turns into a fetish. Sexy costumes, sex dresses can be used for all of your playful encounters.

Polyiterophilia -

Group sex or involvement with multiple parties in sexual behavior at the same time be a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot of work. Threesomes are one of the most prevalent configurations (and troilism/troilism refers to a fascination with three-person sex).

That’s all from our side for now. But it doesn’t mean that the list gets finished here. There are many different types of sexual fetishes, and many people have multiple. There is nothing wrong to feel the desire for kinky sex. Just don’t forget to communicate with your partner when it comes to getting involved in a fetish play.

Final Words -

Keeping the heat by exploring your kinks & fetishes with your partner is essential. It will lead both of you to healthy sex life, but “aftercare” is something that you should not avoid, especially at the time when you have included the BDSM element. A big burst of endorphins can feel euphoric, but many individuals feel 'down' after things end. Afterward, having a plan to cuddle, eat and drink, and/or watch a familiar and comforting show can help fill out the experience and make it feel more connected. Buy all these sex toys from Loveangels ireland's best adult sex toys shop at best price and deals.