Nipple Play And Nipple Orgasms: How Do You Do It?

Nipple Play And Nipple Orgasms: How Do You Do It?

We’re all aware that stimulation of nerves (like the ones in the penis and clitoris) is what leads to reaching orgasm.
But those aren’t the only nerve-filled areas.
Not many people are aware, but it is possible to orgasm with just your nipples!
Let’s take a look at nipple play, nipple orgasms, and how to get the big N O!

Nipple Play: Can You Orgasm With Just Your Nipples?

What Is Nipple Play?

In short, nipple play is anything that involves… well, playing with the nipples. Stimulating them by touching, flicking, pinching, twisting, licking, sucking, clamping, or vibrating (to name a few) are all forms of nipple play.

How Do Nipple Orgasms Work?

Because they’re filled with hundreds of nerves, your nipples are highly sensitive areas.
And, because of how our brains work, when you stimulate them, you send signals to the part of your brain that receives signals when stimulating the clitoris or penis.
That means that, with enough practice, it’s possible for men and women alike to experience an orgasm with nipple play alone.

What Does A Nipple Orgasm Feel Like?

Those who have had nipple orgasms say that it’s an experience that gradually builds up throughout your body and then suddenly happens, coming in waves as they reach climax.
It’s even easier to achieve during menstruation because of the increased sensitivity the body experiences at that time.

How To Get Started On The Track To A Nipple Orgasm

  • Set The Mood
  • This should be the first step in just about any sexual situation.
    Lower the lights, light some candles, put on some music, and let things play out comfortably. 
    And speaking of comfortably…

  • Get Comfortable
  • Nipple play is usually a precursor to everything else.
    So, if you’re planning on getting off on that alone, it’s important to make sure you’re in a comfortable position so that you can focus on what you’re feeling.

  • Take Your Time
  • Nipple orgasms aren’t something which can be rushed.
    It’s important to make sure that you’re able to really take time to experience everything - it’s part of the process.

  • Start With Your Fingers
  • The great thing about your fingers is how versatile they are.
    You can add or remove pressure, twist, pinch or flick.
    Once you’ve got the feeling you like, you can look at bringing in some oils for a bit of
    temperature play, or adding in some Satisfying vibrations.

    Want To Bring A Partner Into The Mix?

    If you want to bring your partner in to help with the fun, there are a couple of things they can do.

  • Hot Breath
  • Let them start by breathing warm air around your nipples to stimulate the nerves.

  • Licking
  • Your partner can have a lot of fun with this one.
    They could flick your nipple with their tongue, lightly circle the areola, or use the flat of their tongue for broader strokes.

  • Sucking
  • Having your partner suck on your nipple stimulates blood flow, increasing sensitivity.
    You can also look at using a
    nipple pump for that sensation.

  • Nibbling/Biting
  • If you’d prefer something with a bit more bite, you could look at having your partner nibble (or even bite) on your nipple for an added rush.


    Nipple play is something many people enjoy when it comes to foreplay and sex as a whole, but nipples are a great way to not just set the scene.
    If done right (something which you might not get the first time around), they can be a great new way to experience pleasure in a way you never thought of before.