Orgasms in All Their Shades & How to Achieve Them

Orgasms in All Their Shades & How to Achieve Them

A gushing waterfall throughout the whole body, a spell-bounding release, an out-of-body experience. For everyone, what an orgasm feels like will be different, and in the same breath, achieving one will entail a unique set of stimulation. Here, Loveangels shares the different types of orgasms and how to achieve them to intensify your sexual pleasure.    

Orgasms, Orgasms, Orgasms

We can all agree that orgasms are amazing, right? They boost our mood, help us get a good night’s sleep, reduce stress and pain, and make us feel more satisfied with our sexual partners and relationships.

Various points in the body can be stimulated to achieve this magical state, and exploring these different areas can help us achieve better, more pleasurable orgasms. Here they are.

Clitoral Orgasm

The love nugget, the pleasure button, the happy nub. Yes, it’s the clitoris.

The clitoris is the external part of the vagina found above the inner labia (the lips), referred to as the clitorial hood. It is a highly sensitive organ with thousands of nerve endings, and for many individuals with vulvas, clitorial stimulation is needed to achieve an orgasm.

What they feel like

Clitorial orgasms often create a tingling sensation in the body –  on your skin and in your brain.

How to achieve a clitoral orgasm

Every clitoris is special. They each require different techniques to achieve arousal and the Big O. So, if you have a vulva, getting to know what gets you there with self-exploration and pleasure can enhance experiences with sexual partners. You can explore specifically designed sex toys for clitorial pleasure.

Some techniques include direct or circular motions, light or firm pressure, and different rhythms and speeds to achieve a clitorial orgasm. Because it’s a very sensitive area, it can be easily overstimulated, so discovering the right technique for you may be different from what works for others.

Vaginal Orgasm

Vaginal orgasms are achieved with internal stimulation of the G-spot; a sensitive area located about two inches deep along the front wall of the vagina. When stimulated, it can result in ejaculation and a lovely orgasm.

What they feel like

During or after a vaginal orgasm, there are pulsations of the vaginal canal walls.

How to achieve them

A finger, a vibrator or dildo, a strap-on, or a penis will do the trick. Considering that everyone’s pleasure in achieving an orgasm is unique, exploring different positions while masturbating or with a partner will allow you to get to know what feels good and help you climax.

Anal Orgasm

The best part? Anal stimulation is for those with vulvas and penises. The anus has nerve endings and can stimulate the A-spot in vulva-owners and the prostate in penis-owners to achieve an anal orgasm.

What they feel like

This type of orgasm is felt deep within the anal canal and sphincter.

How to achieve them

Anal toys, fingers, and gentle penetration can get you to an anal orgasm. Remember, the anus is not self-lubricating, so always lube up – generously!

Blended Orgasm

This may be the most holy of orgasms. The blended or combo orgasm is the stimulation of multiple areas at once. Clitorial and vaginal, clitoral and anal, or the trifecta: the clitoral, vaginal and anal.

What they feel like

It may be an overwhelming, all-encompassing, explosive full-body experience with trembling.

How to achieve them

This may take some practice by yourself or with a partner to achieve because of its multi-tasking requirements. It involves stimulating multiple zones like the clitoris, G-spot and A-spot. You could try oral with a vibrator, a vibrator and butt plug, penetration and clitoral stimulation. The combinations are endless, and being open to exploring different techniques without the pressure of getting it right the first time around can help you relax and explore your pleasure.

Nipple Orgasm

Yes, nipple stimulation is a potential orgasm waiting to happen for some. The nipples have nerve endings connected to the genital sensory cortex – the same area as genital stimulation. That said, nipple stimulation is not for everyone and an orgasm is not a definite for all.

What they feel like

Many describe this type of orgasm as a slow and gradual one that suddenly happens and spreads throughout the body.

How to achieve them

Stimulating the nipples, breast and chest area with fingers, mouth, and nipple clamps. This is also a fun way to initiate foreplay or increase sensation during sex and other play.

Exploring orgasms with a partner

First and foremost, achieving ultimate pleasure requires self-exploration. Taking the time to explore your own body to know what feels pleasurable for you is an empowering tool to achieve solo orgasms and guide your partner during sex.

Most importantly: Creating an open line of communication with your partner about one another’s preferences, desires, and boundaries is imperative to fostering a comfortable and relaxed environment for exploration and a fulfilling sexual experience. Always respect one another’s sexual boundaries and always ask for consent before diving into trying something new!

Last but not least, be open to experimenting without pressure. For many of us, feeling tense and not relaxed in our bodies can hinder the experience of pleasure and reaching an orgasm. If you haven’t achieved one or more of these orgasms before, you may not get there the first time you try. Exploring different techniques, sex toys and stimulation is exciting and can open a whole new world of sensual pleasure, so enjoy it.

Final Thoughts

Orgasms are wonderful. Explore your own body, experiment with your partner/s, and enjoy the adventure of new possibilities of pleasure in the form of different stimulation and orgasming potential. Keep it consensual and fun!