sex positions for low confidence

Sex Positions For People With Low Confidence

There’s no denying that, for many of us, sex is (to sum it up): fun.
But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a nerve-wracking experience.
Many people struggle with confidence, and the bedroom is one place where that lack of self-confidence can really show.
We’ve put together a list of the 10 best sex positions for low confidence - so that you can have fun without feeling anxious.

The Loveangels Guide To Sex Positions For Low Confidence


The most well-known position out there, Missionary is simple, and great for those who aren’t confident in their sexual ability.

To get into Missionary, the receiving partner lies on their back, with the penetrating partner above them.

Reverse Cowgirl

For those self-conscious of their stomach or breasts, the Reverse Cowgirl is a great sex position for low confidence, since it’s an easy way to be on top without feeling too vulnerable.

For Reverse Cowgirl, the penetrating partner lies on their back.
The receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner, facing their feet

Doggy Style

As far as sex positions for low confidence go, Doggy Style is easily one of the best choices.
It ensures both parties are involved and active, making sure everybody enjoys the experience.

Doggy Style is simple:

The receiving partner gets on all fours, facing away from the penetrating partner.
If it’s more comfortable, they can lower down onto their elbows.
The penetrating partner then gets behind them, and penetrates their partner.

The penetrating partner should have a hand free - which means they can stimulate the receiving partner with their hand (or toy like a vibrator or a male masturbator).


A spin-off from Doggy Style, the Leapfrog position is more adventurous, allowing you to focus on sensations instead of anything else.

To get into the Leapfrog, the receiving partner gets on all fours, facing away from their partner.
The receiving partner then stretches their arms out in front of them, so that their chest is on the bed, and their head is resting on a pillow.
From there, the penetrating partner gets behind the receiving partner, and penetrates their partner.

The Spoon

As a position that ensures neither partner’s body is too exposed, The Spoon is perfect if both partners are self-conscious.
This sex position for low confidence is really easy, too!

The receiving partner lies on their side.
The penetrating partner lies flush against their partner, making sure their pelvis is in line with their partner, and can penetrate them from there.
(It’s also a great position to lie in afterwards for some pillow talk).

Weak In The Knees

A massive part of being comfortable in bed depends on being comfortable around your partner.
One of the best ways to do that is through oral sex.

The Weak In The Knees position sees one partner lying on their back.
The other partner then positions themselves with their pelvis above their partner’s face while their partner takes care of them orally.
This position also allows both partners to pleasure each other simultaneously.

Sofa Brace

While it’s very similar to Doggy Style, the Sofa Brace is most definitely not exactly the same.
What makes this a great sex position for low confidence is the fact that it’s not done in the bedroom.
Teaching yourself that you can have fun outside of the bedroom is a great way to learn how to let loose more - and feel more confident while doing it! 

The Sofa Brace has the receiving partner bend over a sofa, with their backside facing their partner.
The penetrating partner can position themselves behind the receiving partner - and start having fun.

On Top

This one might seem a bit odd.
After all, this is about sex positions for low confidence.
But what better way to do that than by getting uncomfortable? 
Many people say that being on top makes them feel vulnerable and uncomfortable - which is exactly why it’s ideal!

To get into the On Top position, the penetrating partner sits or lies down.
The receiving partner then sits on top of the penetrating partner.
This gives the receiving partner a lot of control - which is a great tool when boosting low confidence!


The Lotus is another position that’s great for not seeing much of either partner.

The penetrating partner sits with their legs crossed.
The receiving partner then climbs onto the lap of the penetrating partner, wrapping their legs around them.
While it’s a simple position, the fact that you’re sitting upright makes it more adventurous than Missionary would.

Sideways Straddle

Similar to the Reverse Cowgirl and On Top, the Sideways Straddle puts the receiving partner in the driver’s seat.

Here’s how it works:
The penetrating partner lies on their back with their knee bent.
The receiving partner then straddles the bent knee, and can grind against their partner’s knee until they’re ready to get into something more penetrative. 

Some Other Tips To Boost Low Confidence In The Bedroom


Communication is always key!
Make sure you check in with your partner - and that they check in with you.
It’s the best way to make sure both partners are having fun - and feeling the love.

Lube Up

As we always say - wetter is better.
Using lube is a surefire way to add sensations, and avoid pain - two things that are vital in feeling good in bed.


The importance of aftercare can never be emphasised enough.
Checking in with your partner before and during is important - but doing so afterwards is just as important!
Many people feel vulnerable after sex, and it’s important to make sure your partner knows that you’re there.
It’s also a great way to compliment your partner on things they did right - and for them to tell you what they enjoyed.


Sex is an incredibly powerful time - and it can make many people feel vulnerable.
But, if you try some of the above sex positions, make sure you talk to your partner - and don’t forget the aftercare - you’re sure to see your self-confidence soar in no time at all!