The Best Hands-Free Sex Toys

The Best Hands-Free Sex Toys

Ever since the discovery of the first adult toy over 25,000 years ago, the landscape of sex toys has evolved and changed, becoming more inclusive of men and women alike.
As time as gone on, however, we’ve also seen the advent of hands-free sex toys, designed to make sure those with disabilities and other inhibiting conditions can still have a good time without too much hassle.

We’ve put together a list of the best hands-free sex toys just for you!

The Best Hands Free Sex Toys - A Loveangels Guide

Built for pleasure - and to strengthen your pelvic muscles - these Kegel balls are a great hands-free sex toy that can be inserted and kept inside for the entire day, making it great for working out while you go about your day while still giving you pleasure!

The Rocks Off Big Boy 7 Settings Prostate Vibrator is designed to offer the most intense hands-free orgasmic experience by stimulating the perineum and the prostate, making it a great choice for men and women alike!

A cock ring that vibrates - need we say more?
We’ve spoken about Satisfyer’s products before, and for good reason.
With a built in app and waterproof capabilities, this cock ring is a great hands-free sex toy that allows you to slip it on and switch it on, then get it on.

With a built in vibrator and inflator to allow you to choose the size of your seat, the King Cock Inflatable Hot Seat lets you take control of your sexual experience by putting you in the drivers seat - or should we say… hot seat?

This magical male masturbator doesn’t just move for you - it talks to you, too!
All you need to do is position it, choose your intensity, and let the voice whisper sweet nothings to you as it helps you reach climax!

Great for couples, the Remote Rechargeable Luv Egg comes with a remote which allows it to be turned on, off, or have the settings changed while it’s inside of you!

The Fantasy Series Vibrating Double Strap On is perfect for some woman-on-woman action. It can be inserted in both people, and vibrates to ensure that you don’t need to worry about anything other than thrusting and riding!

With 7 different vibration settings, and a sucker you can attach to any surface, the Cyber Silicock is a great choice for those who want a hands-free sex toy that allows them to choose different positions to spice things up!

A cock ring that vibrates is great - but what about one that stimulates the clit, too?
ith OTOUCH, that’s all handled for you!
This vibrating cock ring is a great hands-free sex toy that also stimulates the clitoris with 12 small petals that can touch the clit up to 1500 times per minute!

Take a wild ride and experience the g-force of the G-Force Thruster!
With a wireless remote, powerful settings, and a suction cup, this is one hands-free sex toy that’s sure to rock your world, and bring you to a mind-blowing orgasm!


While sex can be tiring, it’s never supposed to feel like a mission to achieve.
With these hands-free sex toys, we hope you’ve got some new ideas as to how you can get it on (and get off) without having to worry about mobility at all!