Sex Games for Couples

The Best Sex Games for Couples to Spice Things Up

Not sexually connecting with your partner/s? We can often find ourselves experiencing a monotonous plateau in our relationships. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Many couples enter a sexual comfort zone. And fun sex games may help us explore beyond these boundaries.

Fun sex games for couples to reignite their sexual flame

The reality is that sex can get boring with our sexual partner/s. The initial newness of the erotic energy may have dwindled. Or romance has been left somewhere between asking “What’s for dinner?” and “It’s your turn to do the dishes.”

Fortunately, not all hope is lost.

Sexual experts confirm that sex games for couples can reignite sensual excitement and romantic intimacy. Sex psychotherapist Ashley D. Sweet believes that “Pleasure is a way of reconnecting deeply with yourself and others”. And sex games are a great way to activate pleasure in a safe, consensual and adventurous space between partners.

Get playful, curious and aroused with Loveangels’ list of the best sex games for couples.

Getting kinky with fate - sex toy roulette

If you want to spice things up, sex toy roulette is for you. How it works:

  • Go onto the Loveangels website and put on a blindfold.
  • Click around - your partner can help to make sure you’re clicking on a product (and not on the privacy policy).
  • Choose a specific number of clicks (5 to 10).
  • Purchase the sex toy you land on with your last click.
  • Use it the next time you get kinky.

Lovangels’ tip: Build some sexual tension beforehand. Sext and talk dirty about the anticipation of using your new toy.

The sex jar

Sex therapist Michelle Herzog shares a cheeky (and fun) way to express what you like and what you would like to try.

Get a jar, and each person writes 10 to 15 questions or sexual prompts on individual pieces of paper.

It could be a question, such as “Would you like to try bondage?”

Or a prompt like “Anal?”

Include sex positions, sex toys or any fantasies you may have; like doing it on the kitchen counter. Then decide when to reach for the jar – it could be every day for a 30-day sex challenge, once a week or every third time you’re in the mood.

Loveangels’ tip: Keep the jar visible so you don’t forget about it. And remember to keep it fun and safe; if someone is not keen to try something, don’t push them to do it or get annoyed when they don’t.

Get lucky with dice

Yes, this sex game requires dice but no board.

With usually two in a pack – one with a place on the body and one with the action that should be performed – you let fate decide what sensual exploration you will be journeying.

Kiss, lick, suck, blow. Boob, neck, nipple, and an “?” option to choose where. Some sex dice are glow-in-the-dark for that low-light, ambient mood setting.

Loveangels’ tip: Add some temperature play to your action. Place an ice cube in your mouth when you have to kiss a part of the body. Or use warm massage oil or a candle when touching.

Truth or Dare

Similar to the game we played as teenagers - the Truth or Dare board game is a spicy sex game for couples or a group of friends. Be sincere after a sexual question and be prepared to get naughty with a sexual challenge.

Do you want to try it out before purchasing the board game? Use your imagination to get to know your partner on a deeper level.

Some ideas to get you started:

“What’s the craziest sex you’ve ever had?”

“Would you have a threesome?”

“I dare you to give a lap dance.”

“I challenge you to act out your sexual fantasy.”

Loveangels’ tip: Communication is the key to sexual exploration. Keep in mind to check in with your partner/s to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable and empowered enough to participate.

Sensual Story Time

Hello verbal erotica! Live your ultimate erotic literature fantasy with your partner in IRL (in real life). Whether you have a long-distance relationship or living together, get sensual and creative with some sexy storytelling.

Words are the master of foreplay. Try it in a sext. Or to get your partner in the mood. You can even talk dirty during sex to guide your partner to what feels good. 

Loveangels’ tip: To turn it into an intimate game, one partner says a sentence and the other person needs to follow with another sentence. Focus on the details and get descriptive. Keep on going until turned on.

Porn copycats

Need some new sex ideas? If everyone is comfortable to try it out, get cosy, turn on some porn and get copying! Choose a video that everyone will enjoy and try one of the positions or toys used in the porno.

Loveangels’ tip: If you can’t do it because you’re not flexible enough, don’t stress! Don’t take yourselves too seriously and laugh about it if it doesn’t work. It’s supposed to be fun. Or you can figure out a new kink or what your partner likes.

Other fun sex games for couples worth a mention

30-day sex advent calendar: Not only reserved for Christmas edible treats, fill 30 small boxes with sex toys, lingerie, lubes and oils. Open one per day for 30 days and try it out with your partner/s!

Stalk the g-spot: One partner lays on the bed (or surface of choice) and asks their partner, who stands by the door, questions about themselves. For every question correctly answered, the partner gets to move one step closer. For every question answered incorrectly, they should take off an item of clothing and one step back. The winner’s prize? Some sexy time.

BDSM sex game - Kink Fantasy: New to bondage? Get the kitchen timer, cuff your partner and tickle them in sensitive spots until the time runs out.

Final Thoughts from Loveangels

Sex games are a fun and non-threatening space to reignite intimacy and passion in a relationship. You also get to know your partner/s preferences, kinks and fantasies. Like all things playful, you get to make the rules and come up with your own games to spark the ultimate sexual experience. Ready to get kinky?