The benefits of sex and sex toys

The Health Benefits of Sex Toys and Regular Sex

Orgasms are fantastic. (And very few would disagree.) Besides having mind-bending memorable sexual experiences, reaching the Big O and experiencing sensual pleasure are proven to provide various health benefits.

The Loveangels Guide to the Benefits of Sex Toys and Sex

Focusing on well-being and our overall health is a priority for many of us. Although your GP (general practitioner or house doctor) may not prescribe satisfying sex for treating your stress or a healthy heart, sexperts encourage us to engage more in sexual pleasure for a healthy mind and body.

And you don’t always need a partner to achieve these benefits. Sex therapist Aliyah Moore invites us to not only explore our desires with sex toys but also enjoy a boosted mood, better stress management and sleep quality, and improved mental health.

Less stressy, more sexy

Feeling stressed out? Getting your vibrator or male masturbator may be the answer.

More sex and more pleasure decreases stress, anxiety, and depression. And there’s a scientific reason for it: sex promotes the release of endorphins – one of the feel-good hormones – which help us feel happier and more relaxed.

Plus, intimacy and physical contact with another human during sex also increase our sense of emotional well-being, which alleviates anxiety and results in improved mental health. Why not put on your sexiest lingerie and get it on?

Less tossing, more snoozing

Lying awake with unignorable thoughts running in a loop? It may be the time to keep your favourite sex toy close by.

Another chemical at play during arousal is oxytocin – commonly known as the love hormone. This chemical helps the body feel safe, relaxed and calm, all the necessary ingredients for a good night’s sleep. And research has found an increase in oxytocin during orgasm or ejaculation. That’s right, reaching the peak of a climax can help us get quality sleep.

Less pain, more pleasure

Suffering from chronic pain or cramps from that time of month for those with vulvas? Grabbing your sex toy before a painkiller may help.

The endorphins that are fired throughout the body during sex reduce stress AND serve as a natural painkiller. This chemical assists in alleviating pain and discomfort. Whether you have joint pain, chronic pain or menstrual cramps, having a Big O may be the answer you need to manage your pain. (Keep in mind that sex should not be a replacement for your doctor’s advice or prescriptive medicine. It may just help you a little more in finding some comfort from the pain.)

Workout for better heart health?

Didn’t get your cardio workout in for the day? Don’t sweat it - sex could be considered a vigorous exercise.

Having regular sex or an active solo sexual mission increases blood flow and heart rate, which activates the cardiovascular system. Like running or jumping jacks, research has found that individuals who have regular sex experience lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of developing heart disease. Ready to get that heart-bumping?

More pleasure, better social connection

Besides sex toys, engaging in sex with a partner promotes closeness and connectedness within our relationships. The “love hormone”, oxytocin, that is released during sex helps with our relationship bond through mutual respect and pleasure. In other words, fulfilling our partner’s needs, and them fulfilling our needs promotes a healthy and satisfied relationship. 

Prioritising your sexual health

Besides the other health benefits of sex toys and regular sex, focusing on your pleasure is another aspect of having a healthy mind and body. Satisfying your sexual needs and desires through self-pleasure, and openly and safely communicating these with a partner are essential components to having enjoyable sexual experiences. Having the confidence to express your sexuality safely and consensually promotes sexual health and well-being, too!

Ready for some action?

Having regular sexual experiences is one of the cornerstones of having a healthy body and mind! While it’s often seen as a bonus to being a human, experiencing sexual pleasure is way more than the obvious pleasurable satisfaction. It’s also about having a healthy relationship with ourselves and our partners, reducing stress, prioritising good sleep and a physically healthy body! Ready to explore your well-being through self-pleasure?