The All-You-Need-to-Know Guide to Male Masturbators

The Loveangels Guide to Fleshlights (and More)

Yes, boys just wanna have fun, too. With real-feel skin sensation, Fleshlights offer a whole new world of solo pleasure for those with a penis.

The All-You-Need-to-Know Guide to Male Masturbators

When searching for any online information about male masturbators, Fleshlights or a pocket pussy, the pickings are slim. On the flip side, when searching for solo sex toys made for those with vulvas, there is a surplus.

Those with a penis may feel a bit ignored or overlooked when it comes to solo sexual missions. Often seen as straightforward or ‘basic’, male sexuality has been previously misconstrued as not requiring much intricate stimulation. (A bit bias, we know.) Don’t worry. Loveangels acknowledges that a hand could get you there, but at the same time, it could be more sensational. That’s why we’ve got the ins and outs on male masturbators. Cue the Fleshlight!

What is a Fleshlight?

Discreetly representing the structure of a flashlight, Fleshlight is the brand that popularised the real-feel skin sleeve in 1989. Since then, they have been adapting and improving their design to focus on enhancing male pleasure.

Every Fleshlight has been expertly designed to create a real skin feel with different features. With internal ridges and bumps for texture, these male masturbators offer a range of different sensual experiences. Some are based on specific female porn stars’ vulvas or buttholes, and others come with vibrating functions. Plus, they can be heated in warm water to create a whole new dimension of sensation!

What’s the difference between a Fleshlight and a Male Masturbator?

A male masturbator is the overarching name for sex toys designed for penis pleasure. And a Fleshlight – as a brand – falls within this category. There is a wonderful world of male masturbators!

A blowjob sensation? An attached silicone female doll? An attached booty? Differently shaped in different colours? These are all possible with Loveangels’ versatile range of male masturbator sex toys!

What does a Fleshlight feel like?

Yes, self-stimulation with your hand may get you there, but using a Fleshlight can really help you reach that Big O with fireworks and explosions going off in the background. The Fleshlight is designed to create the sensation of doing the deed with a real person.

Those who enjoy the solo experience of using a Fleshlight share that it is unlike anything they’ve tried before. It’s a lot closer to the real thing than you would expect when first looking at it. The real-feel sensation of the silicone coupled with the internal textures and lube is what makes this experience feel so much better than a solo handy.

Yes, it’s important to use lube to increase the sensation and avoid uncomfortable friction. 

The best part? You’re in total control of what you can do with it. Make it tighter with a firmer grip, try out different speeds, or place it in different positions to explore the variety of stimulation and use as much lube as you desire for a tantalising experience.

How to care for your Fleshlight

First and foremost, taking care of your male masturbators and keeping it hygienic is vital to experience the ultimate pleasure. This may be the only downside to having a Fleshlight: Keeping it clean is a whole lot of admin compared to a solo handy. But everyone, who has one, would most probably agree that it’s totally worth it.

How to keep it clean:

  • Make sure you clean it directly – or shortly after – using it.
  • Begin by getting all of the liquid contents out of the sleeve.
  • Use fresh, warm water to rinse it out. You can also use a sex toy cleaner like the Waterfeel Toy Cleaner.
  • Let the exterior and interior completely dry before placing it back into its container for storage. You can pat dry it with toilet paper to speed up the process. Avoid rubbing or using a towel or any other drying method. You don’t want the silicone to tear.
  • Once it is entirely dry, place it in its container. Keep it in a dark, cool cupboard for longevity.

Is your Fleshlight not feeling like it used to? Don’t fret. Fleshlight Renewing Powder ensures long-lasting durability and smoothness for its real-feel promise.

Unsure about how to keep your specific Fleshlight clean? Read the instructions and follow those, or ask your local sex store, like Loveangels, for more advice.

Getting solo playing!

If you haven’t tried a Fleshlight yet, it may be time to enjoy those solo missions a little more. And don’t worry there’s no judgement – Loveangels knows that male sexuality needs to be celebrated and honoured with a variety of sex toys for those with a penis. Scroll through them and see which one will best suit your sexual needs and preferences. And remember, keep it fun and keep it clean!