homemade sex tape

The Loveangels Guide To (Safely) Filming a homemade Sex Tape

When people hear “homemade sex tape”, they usually think of celebrities caught in scandals because their homemade porno was leaked to the world.
Thankfully, we’re not famous (so not at the same amount of risk).
But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful when you film a sex tape.
Let’s look at how to film a stunning sex tape - safely!

How To Film A Homemade Sex Tape

So, you’ve decided to take the leap and film a sex tape.
Let’s look at some tips and tricks to get you started - and then how to ensure it doesn’t land you in trouble!

  • Agree On The Content Ahead Of Time

No matter the circumstances, it’s always important to establish your boundaries.
Speak to your partner about whether or not they want to incorporate sex toys into the mix and which positions they want to try.

  • Make Sure You’ve Got The Right Equipment

A tripod (or stable position to film from), the right music and lighting, and any lube or toys you may need should be in place for you to get to without too much hassle.

  • Try Some Foreplay Before Filming

Filming a homemade sex tape can be daunting.
Getting into foreplay before filming is a great way to set the mood and reduce any nerves you may have.
Make sure both of you feel connected and intimate before getting started.
It’s important to ensure both of you have fun!

  • Dress Up (Or Down)

Lingerie is great for making you (and your partner) look and feel sexy.
Don’t be afraid to dress yourself up (or down) before getting it on. 

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Stick To What You Know

Filming a sex tape can be a great chance to try out new experiences! 
But don’t worry if you’re feeling nervous!
Sticking to what you know is by no means a bad thing - as long as you enjoy it!

  • Oral Is Your Best Friend!

If you decide to really step into the limelight and get some screen time, then we recommend some mouth on (insert body part) action.
The ability to turn the film into a POV-style movie (and the flattering angle it creates) is sure to make you feel as sexy as you look.

  • Make Sure Your Partner Is The Best Choice

We all know that it’s important to trust your partner - but this is doubly important when it comes to homemade sex tapes.
Unless your relationship is long term, or you know that they would (literally) take a bullet for you, don’t entertain the idea of a sex tape.

  • Don’t Rush Into It

The most important thing of all when deciding how to film your sex tape is: Make sure you want to do it.
As with all things in the world of sex, consent is key. If you and your partner aren’t 100% comfortable engaging in it, then you shouldn’t!

Protect The Footage With Your Life

Once you’ve filmed the footage, make sure you keep it somewhere safe.
That means no cloud storage platforms (they’re too easy to hack).
The best idea is to have your homemade sex tape in a secure folder that’s password protected.
Or, better yet, don’t have it stored on a digital device at all!


A homemade sex tape can be something both you and your partner enjoy.
And doesn’t have to end with the footage getting leaked.
By using the points above (and being mindful), you’ll be able to safely shoot your own sex tape without having to worry about it getting into the wrong hands.