The Most Popular (Classic) Sex Toys Online

The Most Popular (Classic) Sex Toys Online

There is no shortage of places to buy sex toys online. In fact, quarantine saw more than its fair share of “buy adult toys online” in Google search bars. Nowadays there are all sorts of sex toys with new bells and whistles. But what about those time-honoured adult sexcessories? Sure, you can browse rows of high-tech online sex toys, but classics will always be classics for a reason.

Here are the most popular sex toys online:

Quick disclaimer: It’s always a good idea to buy from a legit sex toy store. Make sure the online sex store you choose sells reputable brands. You don’t want to end up with a counterfeit item. 



The mighty but humble bullet.
Bullet sex toys are an excellent starting point if you’re ready to get into sex toys – they’re accessible, easy-to-use, and often very quiet. As a result they’re one of the most popular sex toys. And there’s the added bonus that most of the best bullet vibrators can be found at any price range.

The bullet vibrator is a sex toy staple – whether you’re a sex toy newbie or a pro. 



The ever-magical wand. 
There are tons of sex toys online to choose from. But few compare to the rumbling sensations of the wand. The most famous example of this kind of sex toy is the Hitachi Magic Wand – which was introduced as a “personal massager” way back in 1968. It’s become the little black dress, if you will of many a sex toy collection. A reliable classic that’s right for any masturbatory occasion.  

Never tried a
wand? For powerful, external stimulation this may be exactly the sex toy for you. 


There are more good vibes to enjoy. 
While bullets and wands easily buzz their way into this category, there’s still a lot to be discovered in the vibrating section of the sex toy world. You see, vibrating sex toys are the cream of the sex toy crop – from pulsating palm vibrators to reverberating rabbits, and of course, you can’t discount a trusty dildo that vibrates too. 

There is no one-size-fits-all vibrator – but the best part about that is you can experiment with all different kinds until you find your perfect vibe. 

Cock Rings

Put a (cock) ring on it. 
When it comes to popular adult toys, cock rings are a fun and sexy introductory toy. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re another sex toy that comes in different ranges and budgets, whether you opt for a basic cock ring or one that vibrates.
From adjustable ones to cock
and ball rings – whatever you pick, you’re guaranteed stronger and longer-lasting erections.
This classic isn’t just a gift that keeps on giving, it’s also a gift that keeps on giving to your partner!

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Go deep. 
Dildos. Another one of the most popular sex toys online. If you’re looking for penetration in all shapes and sizes, then dildos won’t let you down.
This classic is truly phallic-shaped galore. From veiny double-ended dildos to sparkly silicone suction ones. Whether you’re after length, girth, or sensation . . . Basically if you have a preference, there’s a dildo for that. Except of course if you don’t like dildos. 

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Masturbation Sleeves

The penetration station. 
Colloquially known as Fleshlights thanks to the ever-popular brand, masturbation sleeves are designed to emulate the sensation of the female vagina. Think of these adult toys as high-tech hand or blow jobs. Masturbation sleeves come in many different shapes and forms. Depending on how high-tech you go– including ones that use pressure-wave technology or ones that combine vibration with rhythmic suctions.
Whether you’re syncing it to music, or using good old muscle, you’re your way to mind-blowing orgasms. 

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Butt Plugs

Don't pull the plug on pleasure. 
While they’re not spoken about as much as the rest of the toys on our list, butt plugs are one of the most popular sex toys online, and a great way to open up a new avenue in the bedroom.
Whether you’re using it with a partner, or enjoying it by yourself, butt plugs are designed to stimulate the anus, which is packed full of nerve endings. From silicone, to steel, and even ones with fluffy tails, butt plugs are a great way to safely enjoy anal play, whether you’re new to the game, or an anal enthusiast.

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Now that you know about some of the most popular (classic) sex toys online, why not visit us and have a look to see what’s on offer? We promise you won’t be disappointed!