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The Ultimate Guide To Lube

No matter what you enjoy in the bedroom, we can all definitely agree that:
Wetter is better.
And that’s exactly what lubricants are great for!
In this guide, we’ll break down what lube is, as well as the best lubes in each category.

The Loveangels Guide To The Best Lube

What Is Lube?

Lubricant (or lube) is a liquid gel solution designed to reduce friction during sex and masturbation.
The ultimate goal is to make it easier to move in, out, up, down, or any other direction that feels good.
Lube is made of different ingredients, all of which have their own benefits and purposes.
But this can make it easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices available to us.
Which is why it’s vital to know which lube is best for what. 

Different Types Of Lube

There’s definitely no shortage of lubes out there.
Here are some of the more popular ones:


While they generally sit within the category of massage oils, flavoured lubricants are great for those who enjoy oral sex.
And they work well with silicone sex toys.


Much like their warming counterpart, cooling gels amplify sensations during sex and are great for intimate massages before engaging in fun. 


Great for making things heat up quickly, warming lubes provide a tingling sensation for anybody involved, making it great for deprivation play as well.



Lubricants are also made from different materials, namely:



Widely considered to be the best choice for most situations, water-based lubricants don’t stain sheets, and are good to use with silicone toys, and non-irritating for most skins.
With that in mind, they are thinner than other lubricants, meaning they wash away easily, and may need to be reapplied during sex.
If you have a tendency to get yeast infections, then water-based lubes may not be the ideal choice. 


Silicone lubes are designed for people who want a longer-lasting lubricant that doesn’t wash away as easily. It’s hypoallergenic, so it doesn’t irritate skin.
It also has a silkier feel than water-based lubricants do, but will damage silicone toys.
These are ideal for those who want to have sex in the shower. 


Thicker than both silicone and water-based lubes, oil-based lubricants generally don’t need to be applied more than once, making them best for those marathon sessions.
However, they do tend to cause more yeast infections than any other type of lube, and degrade latex condoms.
So they're a bad choice if you want to have protected sex. 

Where Can I Use Lubes?

Lubricants can be used for a wide range of pleasure-play, but there are lubricants designed specifically for anal play, while others are used more for vaginal play.
Flavoured lubricants are best for oral sex, and water-based lubricants work best for sex toys (especially silicone). 

What’s The Best Lube?

There’s no one-size-wets-all answer when it comes to the question of which lube is best.
But, if you keep this guide in mind, you’ll be able to experiment to your heart’s content and learn what works for you - whether it’s alone, or with a partner!