Things To Know If You Are Buying Sex Toys For The First Time

Things To Know If You Are Buying Sex Toys For The First Time

Finally, made your mind to explore the sexual journey with the help of Sex Toys? Exploring sex toys to touch new heights for pleasure? Buying Sex toys for the first time is exciting but struggling at the same time. Purchasing your first toy is similar to purchasing other unfamiliar items as you don't know what to look for in a sex toy and what is going to give the immense pleasure.

Here in this blog we have compiled the checklist for things that you should consider when you are purchasing for the first time.

The Type of Pleasure you Seek -

The sex toy shops are filled with a number of sex toys designed to give you internal or external delight. So, before you run out and buy the first toy you see, make sure you've evaluated yourself and asked yourself what toy would be ideal for you. Examine what type of simulation is best for you to get the most enjoyment out of it.

For your internal pleasure (for vaginal or anal penetration) you can go with Dildos, Rabbit Vibrators, G-Spot Vibrators, Anal beads or Anal Plugs. If you want to seek external pleasure (mainly for clitoris stimulation) you can buy clitoris vibrators, clitoral stimulators. For Men they can try Cock Rings, Anal toys, Male Vibrators.

What Sex Toys Suits Your Sexual Personality -

If It’s BDSM: 50 Shades of Grey introduced the new sexual world in a form of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism (BDSM). Some Bondage sex toys are designed to fall under this category.

Are You More Of A Sensory Play Person: Our body is full of pain and pleasure points. Sexual pleasure is not always about genitals. There are sex toys available in the market like Nipple clamps, feathers & ticklers, to give the sensations that will drive you crazy.

Restraints: Blindfold, Handcuffs, Ropes, Bed restraints, Ball Gags, Ankle Cuffs fall into this category. This type of sex toys are specially designed to give total power to your partner.

it’s up to you to decide if your sexual personality allows you to give it a try to experience new sensations and role-play opportunities.

Make Sure Whatever Your Purchase, It’s Safe -

Check to see if the sex toys you're buying, are made up of materials that are body-safe. So, what are some of the body-safe materials you should be aware of? Silicone, glass are among the materials mentioned. Yes, there are many body-safe toys available in the market, there are still many scams also.

Your Partner’s Consent Is Compulsory -

If you are buying the Sex Toys to enjoy intimacy with your partner its important to take care of his/her consent on the purchase. As it's going to be the first time for both of you, it’s important to talk with your partner about his/her comfort zone.

Material and Durability -

Stay away from marketplaces that offer unbranded toys, especially if you can't uncover any additional information about them, such as where they were made or where they came from. Then you'll want to seek terms like body-friendly or non-porous medical grade materials. Non-porous materials are vital since you want to be able to completely sanitise the toy.

Take Care of Hygiene -

Taking care of the hygiene of your sex toys is easy. You just need to wash your sex toys with mild antibacterial soap after every time you use them and dry them with a wet cloth. Most sex toys come with a pouch that can be used to store the object. Keep that pouch clean.

Als keep in mind that silicone sex toys attract dust, you should dry them with a hairdryer on the coolest setting after cleaning them and then store them safely.

Lubricant -

Getting good lubrication is essential, whether you're a novice or a seasoned sex toy user. Why? Because it reduces friction, your experience will be smoother and more delightful.

There are multiple types of lubricants available in the market for you to use. You just need to be careful while choosing the Lubricants-

Water-Based Formulas -

Water based can be used with everything be it condoms, sex toys, anal and vagina penetration, but remember as in the name this formula is water- soluble which doesn’t mean it’s not recommended. Quite the opposite, it doesn't do any damage whatsoever to either toys or sensitive skin areas.

It is recommended for you to just use that little bit more for ease of use of sex toys and to achieve those deeper penetrations and is so easy to clean remove after use.

Silicone-Based Formulas -

But Silicone-based lubricants are good to use with vaginal and anal sex making it longer lasting lubricant and also highly recommended to be used with the following, hard plastic toys, steel, Glass, Ceramic, and aluminium.

Do not use Silicone based sex toys as the materials will react with one another eventually causing the materials to break down resulting in your new expensive sex toy being ruined.

Oil-Based Lubricants -

Excellent for Long term Vaginal and especially Anal sex as for the comfort of insertion in this area which will require that bit extra, and yes, can even be used with Silicone Toys and designed to last longer not requiring further applications.

One question a lot of people ask is can Silicone Based be used with a Condom? The answer is yes, and also Water-based.

Serious Warning- 

When it comes to condoms a method of safe sex, Do Not Use Oil Based Formulas as will cause the latex to disintegrate, we don’t think that would go down well with either partner.

Wrapping Up -

That’s all from our side for now. We hope now you are ready to have new thrills in your sex life. Explore the extraordinary sexual adventure that these sex toys can offer.

Happy & Safe Shopping Newbies…!