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Top 10 Sexy Outfits For Men And Women

If you’ve read our ultimate guide to buying lingerie online, then you’ll know that there are a few things to keep in mind when buying sexy outfits.
But which outfit would be best for you?
We’ve got a list of the 10 best sexy outfit ideas for men and women to make sure that whoever is lucky enough to see you will be left speechless!

10 Sexy Outfits That’ll Make Jaws Drop - A Loveangels Guide

Because we know that men and women want to feel sexy, why we’ve got a bit for both!

Sexy Outfits For Women

Sexy Schoolgirl

The sexy schoolgirl outfit is definitely the first on the list of sexy outfits.
A classic for roleplay, this sexy outfit is great for teasing - and for learning a lesson in! 

Naughty Nurse

Make your next patient all too eager to show you where it hurts with the naughty nurse.
Another classic in the list of sexy outfits, the sexy nurse outfit will give your partner an intense sensation somewhere specific.
If you want to make things even naughtier, have a look at vinyl options!

Busty Bunny

Popularised by the Playboy Bunnies, the bunny outfit is perfect for showing off a little bit here and there, while still leaving enough to the imagination that your partner will want nothing more than to get those ears and tail off of you.

Teasing Tights

As a must-have if you want to show off some leg, tights are a perfect addition to the bedroom.
Throw in the fact that it’s crotchless, and you’ve got a recipe for a steamy time.

Brazen Bondage Bra

For the BDSM fans out there, the bondage bra shows off everything, while making sure that the cuffs clearly bring out the submissive in you - and the dominant in them.

Horny Housemaid

Complete with mini skirt and lace-trim apron, the housemaid outfit is great for roleplay outside of the bedroom.
From the kitchen to the living room (and everywhere in between), this sexy outfit is a lot more versatile than some of the others on the list.

Flirty Fishnets

Prepare to be wanted when you put on these fishnets.
If you want to tease some more, put on some heels and throw in a thong, and you’ve got the perfect combination.
Or, just wear this (and nothing else) and watch your partner drool.

Carnel Crotchless Bodysuit

Made specifically for hugging curves, the crotchless bodysuit is the perfect example of wearing less, without wearing nothing at all.

Thrilling Thong

While any thong will get your partner hot and bothered, pearl thongs add in an extra level of stimulation for you, too!
Strut your stuff, and feel great doing it (literally)!


This list of sexy outfits wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate one - your birthday suit.
Surprise your partner with this sexy outfit and watch their jaw drop!

Sexy Outfits For Men

Lusty Lace Men’s Panty

Soft yet masculine, the men’s panty is a great way for you to try out something that’s strong, sexy, and comfortable.
It accentuates all of the best bits when it comes to the bedroom - and feels great, too! 

Buff Butler

Show off your ability to serve with the buff butler outfit.
With nothing more than briefs, cuffs, and a bow tie, this sexy outfit is the perfect way to show off your ability to be of absolute service.

Please Me Pleather

Tight pleather?
Yes, please!
Perfect for showing off a buff body, or for bringing some BDSM into the bedroom, this is a versatile combination!

Barely-There Briefs

Much like the bodysuit, the sheer briefs say more with less.
Delicate and comfortable, these briefs are ideal for a steamy lap dance!

Pretty Polyester Pants

Look good and feel great with some tight-fitting polyester pants.
Add in a zip, and you’ve got the perfect opportunity to slowly unzip and tease - or be teased.

Magnetic Microfiber G-String

Show some cheek, and embrace your inner male stripper with the microfiber g-string.
The magnetic clasp makes it easy to put on - and even easier for your partner to rip off - without being broken.

See-Through - Say Less!

Take sheer briefs, and make them even sexier, and you’ve got see-through briefs that are sure to make jaws drop.

Waist No Time Thong

Slip on the perfect-fit thong, and watch your partner waste no time in getting it off of you.
Perfect for strip teases, these thongs get straight down to business.

Triple Threat 3 Piece

Can’t decide? Go for a 3 piece set!
2 thongs and a jock strap, all in different styles, will make sure you’ve got the perfect sexy outfit for any occasion.


What’s better than next to no clothing?
No clothing at all!
Instead of slipping something on, try taking everything off and strut your stuff in front of your partner for a sure-fire trip straight to the bedroom.

Conclusion On Sexy Outfits

Sexy outfits aren’t for everybody - and that’s okay!
Whatever your preference, we know there’s something on this list for everyone.
The most important thing is that you feel good - because that’s sexiest of all!