using ben wa balls

A Guide Using To Ben Wa Balls

Also known as “Kegel Balls”, Ben Wa balls have been around for thousands of years.
But many people still don’t know what they are, or how to use them.
Luckily, the Loveangels team is here to give you the best guide to Ben Wa balls!

The Loveangels Guide To Using Ben Wa Balls

What Are Ben Wa Balls?

They're small balls that you insert into the vagina.
They can be made out of stainless steel, glass, or even body-safe plastic.
They can come as 2 individual balls, or be connected by a string for easy removal.

How Do You Use Them?

Using them is easy!
Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find somewhere comfortable and quiet.
  2. Lube up.
  3. While lying down, gently insert the balls.
  4. Practice some Kegel exercises, or tense your leg muscles, for a few minutes.
  5. Once you’re comfortable, try walking around - but only for a short period of time.

To remove the balls, simply spread your legs, and push (like you’re going to the bathroom), and they should pop right out.
After some time, you should be able to remove them with much more ease.
The lubricant isn’t always necessary, but if you’re using them for the first time, we definitely recommend it.

What Dp Ben Wa Balls Do?

Their main purpose is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
These muscles form a sort of hammock across your lower body, which holds your internal organs in place.
Controlling those muscles also helps with bladder and bowel control.
They’re also the muscles that provide tightness when having sex.
The balls provide resistance training for the pelvic floor muscles.
By adding weight, you force your body to engage those muscles in order to keep the balls in.
Some people use them while exercising, while others wear them while they’re out and about.
But be careful.
When you start using them, make sure they’re only in for a few minutes at a time.
As you get more comfortable with them, you can keep them in for longer.
But you wouldn’t want them falling out into your underwear while you’re shopping!

Picking The Best Ben Wa Balls

With so many types to choose from, how do you pick the perfect ones?
For beginners, it’s a good idea to start with medium to large size balls, with less weight.
Smaller, heavier balls are more difficult to keep in.
Balls with strings are ideal for beginners, since they’re the easiest to remove.
And absolutely avoid vibrating Ben Wa balls.
The idea might seem appealing, but many beginners struggle to keep them in.
There’s just so much going on at once, and everything is overwhelming.

What’s The Difference Between Anal Beads And Ben Wa Balls?

Some people may think that Ben Wa balls can be used anally, in the same way, as anal beads are. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.
The vagina is a closed system.
That means nothing can go back into the body once it’s inside, so the only way is out.
The anus, however, has a lot of sucking power, and goes back into the body. That means that the balls could get sucked into the body, where they could block something vital.
Finally, anal beads usually come with a string, and are designed to be inserted and then removed.
Ben Wa balls strengthen muscles.

Can I Use Ben Wa Balls During Sex?

Some women enjoy having Ben Wa balls inside them while having sex for an added experience, while others prefer to use them beforehand.


Ben Wa balls can be a great addition to your sex life, or as a way to strengthen your body without too much work.
Just remember to never leave them in for more than 4 hours at a time, not to use them during pregnancy or while recovering from childbirth, and always clean them properly afterwards!