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Using Male Masturbators

Exploring the world of male sex toys can significantly enhance personal pleasure. Male masturbators, a popular choice, offer a variety of textures and sensations designed to mimic intimate experiences effectively.

Male Masturbators: Your Ultimate Guide to Male Sex Toys

What Is A Male Masturbator?

A male masturbator, commonly referred to as a "pocket pussy," or "stroker," is a sleeve-like sex toy designed to stimulate the shaft, glans, and sometimes the testicles. 

These devices vary widely in shape, size, and material, fitting broadly into several categories:

Manual Male Masturbators

These are operated by manually moving them up and down along the penis. They are typically portable and easy to clean.

Manual masturbators may feature openings shaped like a vagina, anus, or mouth, and offer a variety of textures to enhance the experience.

Automatic Male Masturbators

In contrast to manual versions, automatic male masturbators are motorised and operate at the push of a button.

While they can also be portable, they are generally bulkier and have a more modern, futuristic design. Some models are designed to mount onto walls for a hands-free experience.


Also known as "pocket vaginas," these small, egg-shaped masturbators are named for their compact size. They are extremely portable and are designed to fit over the head of the penis.

Typically, they are used until they lose their texture and firmness, which usually occurs around six months of use.

Sex Dolls/Realistic Masturbators

These are designed to be as lifelike as possible, offering an entire body experience in contrast to the partial simulation provided by smaller masturbators.

Sex dolls are full-sized, made from various materials, and some even feature posable and movable parts for an enhanced, realistic experience.

Each type of male masturbator, a popular category of male sex toys, offers unique features and benefits, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.

Choosing the Right Male Masturbator

Selecting the right masturbator is key. Consider factors like material, size, and texture.

Each feature contributes uniquely to the experience, aiming to increase pleasure and satisfaction.

Using Your Male Masturbator

To begin, applying a liberal amount of lubricant ensures a smooth experience. Insertion should be gentle, allowing the user to enjoy the full range of sensations.

Cleaning is crucial after use to maintain hygiene and extend the product’s life.

How to Clean a Male Masturbator

Properly cleaning your male masturbator is essential for maintaining hygiene and ensuring the longevity of the device. Like most sex toys, male masturbators usually come with specific cleaning instructions. 

Warm water and soap is the best way to clean them. Once they’re clean, drying them with a clean towel is going to ensure it dries out properly (and hygienically). We would recommend using a toy cleaner as well as a renewing powder to keep your adult toys in good condition. 

Benefits of Regular Use

Regular use of male masturbators can enhance mental well-being and personal satisfaction. They are a safe way to explore personal desires and increase self-awareness.


Male masturbators are a dynamic addition to personal pleasure practices. With proper use and care, they can provide a satisfying experience tailored to personal preferences and needs. Indeed, it is one of the best male sex toys that you need to add to your collection, enhancing both pleasure and exploration.