sex machine

What Is A Sex Machine?

Technology really has opened the world of sexual pleasure up in many ways.
One of the main ways, however, is the sex machine.
Let’s take a look at the different types of sex machines, and help you find the perfect fit for your sexual needs.

The Sex Machine: A Loveangels Guide

What Is A Sex Machine?

Like it says on the box, a sex machine is a machine used for sexual pleasure.

There are a couple of different types.

Thrusting Machines (AKA Fucking Machine)

When people say “sex machine”, this is usually what they’re referring to.
The fucking machine stimulates the motion of thrusting, and can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration.
Many men enjoy using these machines for prostate milking.
They’re normally a rod with a dildo attached to a motor. The receiver finds a place to make themselves comfortable, and lets the thrusting machine do what it does best!
While they have many different functionalities, the vast majority of them come with several speed settings, and interchangeable dildos.

Vibrating Sex Machines (AKA Sex Saddles)

Designed almost exclusively for females, the sex saddle takes “good vibrations” literally.
It’s a simple idea: sit on the saddle, and switch it on.
It vibrates, and focuses specifically on clitoral stimulation, allowing the rider to adjust the intensity to their liking with the push of a button.
They’re especially popular at sex parties, since you don’t even need to remove your clothes to use it.
While some people say the vibrations are too strong, others find it’s just what they need to reach the big O.

Sex Gliders

Imagine a chair that gets you off while you sit in it.
That’s exactly what the sex glider does.
This machine is different from others in that it’s got a dildo built into the seat, so all you need to do is sit down, and switch it on.
They offer a lot more control, and are great for those who like being on top.

The Rocker

These are unique, as far as sex machines go.
The rocker uses the rider’s motion to power the thrusting.
The harder you rock, the harder it thrusts.
With that being said, they’re designed to thrust without too much rocking, so you don’t need to worry about working too hard.

Blowjob Machines (AKA Milking Machines)

This one is a bit 50/50 for some people, since anything with a motor could be classified as a “sex machine”.
But the biggest difference here is the fact that there’s normally some thrusting from the man’s side.
Most advanced thrusting machines nowadays allow you to pop a male masturbator on the end as well, so that the thrusting is left to the machine.
The most popular iterations of these are milking machines, which stimulate the thrusting motion by moving pressure up and down the penis.

What To Consider When Buying A Sex Machine

Ease Of Assembly

The draw of sex machines for many people is how customisable they are.
So, do you want to be able to customise everything, or just swap out the dildo because it’s easier?

The Material

As with all sex toys, finding non-porous materials are important in hygiene.
Sex machines also need to be kept clean, and making sure you’ve got a sanitary material is important in determining what machine you’re going to get.

The Thrust

It’s a sex machine, so thrust is a must.
But looking for a machine with different settings is an important thing to consider if you’re buying a sex machine for the first time.
Making sure you’ve got the right amount of power is going to be crucial.

Storage And Discretion

Sex machines aren’t an especially easy thing to store.
If you’ve got in-laws coming to visit, you want to make sure the machine is either easy to disassemble and store, or that it looks discreet by itself.

What Are Some Pros Of Having A Sex Machine?


Sex machines are great for learning how you want to enjoy something without actually needing a person there.

Long-distance Intimacy

They’re great for couples that are long-distance, since they simulate the motions of a person.
Some machines have apps that allow you to control your partner’s toy, too!


They offer a great opportunity to learn about yourself, and what turns you on, in a space that you feel safe in.


With most sex machines, cost equals quality.
But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a cheaper product.
Finding a store that offers a returns policy, and making sure you keep the above points in mind will ensure you get the sex machine that’s perfect for you!