All you need to know about butt plug

All You Need to Know About Butt Plugs

Butt plugs. A self-explanatory sex toy. Previously misunderstood within the world of sexual taboos, butt plugs can greatly benefit anyone’s sensual repertoire. That said, whether you’re an avid user of them, never tried them before but are curious, or are not into butt stuff, Loveangels has all you need to know about butt plugs.

The Ins and Outs of Butt Plugs

Designed for anal stimulation, butt plugs are pleasurable for anyone with an anus. Regardless of what you have in your pants, your gender, or sexual orientation, everyone can experience anal pleasure.

Ever heard of anal orgasms? Well, they’re a real thing.

For those with a penis, the prostate is stimulated through inserting a finger, butt plug, penis or other anal devices in the anus.

And the A-spot – or the anterior fornix as it’s scientifically named – located about five or six inches deep within the vagina, is stimulated for those with vulvas.

With pleasure in mind, here’s all you need to know about how to use butt plugs for the ultimate anal experience.

What butt plug should I choose?

Butt plugs have a very specific shape, often teardrop-shaped, with a flared bottom. The rectum is like a vacuum; it can easily swallow things up and not budge. This flared shape on the bottom – the part that sticks out of the anus – is to prevent this from occurring.

They are also made using body-safe materials. The safest materials are silicone, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass (Pyrex).

So, refrain from finding butt-plug-shaped items lying around the house to experiment with. A butt plug specifically designed for its function is the safest bet to having an embarrassing visit to the ER.

When it comes to finding the ideal butt plug for you and your partner/s, opt for a size according to your experience level. Start with a smaller, basic one if you are a beginner and explore with vibrating, and oddly-shaped bigger ones once your comfort levels increase with butt plugs.

What is the purpose of a butt plug?

More pleasure, pleasure, pleasure: Butt plugs stimulate the nerve endings around and in the anus. They also stimulate the prostate and A-spot, enhancing orgasms and sexual pleasure.

Want to truly blow your mind? Have you heard the term ‘combo/blended orgasm’? If you have a vulva, you can experience a clitorial, vaginal or anal orgasm. ‘Nough said. A blended orgasm of such a trifecta is highly recommended.

Sexual experimentation: Need some more kink? Butt plugs can be used during submissive play as part of BDSM, worn out in public, or as an addition to foreplay during sex.

Anal sex prep: To help the anus stretch without pain or any tears, butt plugs can help stretch the anus before inserting a penis, strap-on, or any other anal toy. Butt plug trainer kits come with various-sized butt plugs to gradually stretch for pleasure and no pain.

How do I introduce a butt plug into my sex life?

Open communication is the best practice when it comes to involving a new kink, toy, or fantasy with your sexual partner/s.

Before bringing a butt plug into your next sexual experience, openly and honestly discuss with your partner/s one another’s consent, boundaries, comfort, and desires.

Integrate a safe word within your sexual relationship to ensure everyone is feeling comfortable and safe, and having fun!

Will a butt plug hurt?

If used correctly, a butt plug might cause discomfort, but it shouldn’t be painful. If you or your partner experiences major or unbearable pain, sexperts recommend taking it out.

Take things slowly. Start with foreplay to arouse the individual who will have the butt plug inserted, use lots of lube (we mean a LOT of lube), and make sure they are completely relaxed (including the anus) before gently inserting. A good position to insert is doggy style but experiment with different positions for ultimate comfort.

When removing a butt plug, relax the sphincter and ask your partner to gently pull it out from the base. Pro tip: It’s easier to remove after an orgasm when the pelvic floor muscles are relaxed and not tensed during arousal or climax.

What lube should I use?

The anus doesn’t produce its own lubricant when aroused so lube is a must for butt plugs and any other anal play.

If you are using a stainless steel or Pyrex glass butt plug, any lube will work. If you are using a silicone-based butt plug, avoid oil-based (coconut oil) and silicone-based lubes. These break down silicone.

How should I clean my butt plug?

Like all sex toys, butt plugs need some TLC and hygienic aftercare to ensure your and your partner/s safety. Always wash your butt plugs with warm water and gentle soaps thoroughly before and directly after use. Store in a clean area between uses.

A very important pro tip: Don’t use the same toy that was just used in the anus for the vagina. Even if the toy can be used for multiple holes, wash them first. Always wash your hands after inserting fingers or butt plugs, and face if you are exploring the anus and other parts of the body to prevent bacteria from spreading. 

Final Thoughts

Now that we understand butt plugs a little more intimately, they can elevate foreplay, enhance orgasms, and assist with preparation for anal sex. Whether you’re a beginner or a long-term advocate for butt plugs, always use ample lube and prioritise hygiene. Lastly, but definitely not least, keep it consensual and fun!