how to increase your libido

How To Increase Your Libido

It’s not uncommon to want to spice things up in the bedroom.
From using adult toys, to filming your own sex tape, many people look for ways to make sure the blood keeps pumping when they’re getting it on.
However, one of the most common things people look for when it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom, is how to increase libido.
Let’s take a look at how you can increase your sex drive.

How To Increase Libido: A Loveangels Guide

What Is Libido?

In short, libido is a fancy term used to describe your sex drive.
While everybody’s is different, it’s fairly common for libido to decline in both men and women as they get older.
Now that we’ve established what libido is, let’s look at some ways you can increase it. 

Try Eating Certain Fruits

Avocados, figs, and bananas are a few fruits that have shown an ability to provide the vitamins and minerals needed to drive blood flow to the genital areas.
The result? An increased libido. 

Try Chocolate

It’s been a symbol for pleasure and desire for centuries - and for good reason.
Chocolate is a great way to increase serotonin production, which can cause sex drive to increase.

Try Some Herbs And Spices

Next time you decide to make a romantic dinner, throw in some extra basil or garlic.
The smell of basil stimulates your senses, while garlic has been shown to contain high levels of allicin, a compound which increases blood flow. 

Try Some Bark

While a 2021 study claims that there’s no natural equivalent to Viagra, consuming the bark from the Yohimbe tree has been shown to increase the quality of erections, and can aid with erectile dysfunction

Exercise More

Exercising is a great way to reduce stress, increase blood flow in your body, and boost your mood.
All of those things are important when it comes to increasing your libido!

Stick To One Glass Of Wine

While one glass of wine can relax you, and get you in the mood, drinking too much can impact your ability to feel aroused, or perform in the bedroom. 

Find Ways To Relieve Your Stress

No matter how you look at it, stress is one of the leading factors in dips in sex drives.
Finding ways to relieve stress, such as yoga and meditation are great ways to lower stress levels, and increase your sex drive.

Get Enough Sleep

Being able to get enough sleep is vital if you want to learn how to increase libido.
People who juggle long hours, and don’t make time for themselves have shown to have reduced sex drives.
If you’ve got the time to take a nap during the day, you should. It’ll leave you feeling refreshed.
And it’ll help your sex drive too!

Check In On Your Relationship

For many people, sexuality in a relationship is closely tied to emotional intimacy.
If you’ve got unresolved conflicts, they could be impacting your libido, as well as the sexual energy of your relationship.
Make sure you communicate with your partner to ensure both of you are happy. 

Check For Side Effects From Medication 

Some medications can cause your libido to dip.
Have a look at the medications you’re on, and see if they have any side effects that could cause a reduced sex drive.

See A Doctor

While natural remedies are very effective for some people, they don’t do anything for others.
If you’re not seeing results, it may be time to visit a doctor and see if there’s any underlying cause for the reduced sex drive.


While medications such as Viagra are able to boost sex drive, they’re not a permanent fix.
Many of the tips listed above are effective over time.
Make sure you take care of your body, and that your partner is taken care of too, and you’ll soon find your sex drive increasing!