How to Wear and Care for Latex

How to Wear and Care for Latex

While wearing latex looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous on anyone, it can be a challenging material to slip into and care for. It’s figure-hugging, glossy, and all-round sexy. It may be your best friend or your worst nightmare (it doesn’t have to be). Yes, it’s the little black (latex) dress.

It may be your first time – trying out latex, that is.

Or maybe you’re a latex-wearing master.

Loveangels Top Tips to How to Wear Latex

Whether this is your first latex outfit or latex bondage wear fills your pleasure box, there is a correct way to put it on. And taking care of your latex is vital.

So, before ripping the packaging and squeezing it into your latex wear from Loveangels, there are a few things to consider for the best possible experience. 

Get to Know Your Body

Latex is a natural rubber material that hugs all the right places and shows off the natural curves of all body types. Because of this, it needs to fit.

Not too small, not too big, just right.

When it’s a size too small, you risk damaging or splitting the latex.

And it won’t offer that tight-fitting aesthetic you’re looking for if it’s too big.

Take a look at Guilty Pleasure’s size guide. Grab that measuring tape and get to know those luscious curves, people! Measure your bust and hip areas for dresses and your crotch area for male lingerie.

How to wear a latex dress

Once you’ve purchased the correct size, it’s time to put it on!

 Make sure that your skin is clean and dry before slipping into it.

Don’t apply any lotions or oil beforehand. These can damage the latex and make it challenging to get on.

For latex products, it tends to cling to the skin. So, apply talcum powder or silicon-based (not water-based) conditioning lubricant to your skin or the garment to easily dress.

 Fortunately, Guilty Pleasure Fetish Wear’s Datex garments are made with latex on the outside and flexible, elastic knitted fabric on the inside. With its comfortable stretch, you don’t need any lube to get it on! (You also avoid that sticky, sweaty feeling; leave that for the heat of the moment.)

What to avoid when wearing a latex dress

Don’t wear jewellery – the pointy bits can damage your latex dress.

Watch those nails! Keep them trimmed. Uneven nails can catch, causing small rips or snags.

Can you wear latex with leather?

Leather cuffs, whips and gags can be used while wearing latex – even encouraged.

But avoid layering leather items on top of latex. Leather is often treated with protective oil and is a big no-no when these oils get on latex.

How to care for latex clothing

Latex aftercare begins as soon as you take it off. Use gentle soap and lukewarm water to wipe it down - don’t scrub!

When it comes to Datex, the washing machine is a safe option. Perfect temperature? 40°C, nothing less, nothing more.

For both latex and datex, they like to be kept hidden. Store in a dry, dark space when completely dry and avoid sunlight. 

Wearing latex for the first time

You’ve bought your latex dress, now what?

You make the rules, boo. The style, the accessories and how to prance around in your latex bondage wear is entirely up to you.

Whether you’re into bondage, roleplaying or need a confidence boost, a little latex never hurt anyone.

What does it feel like to wear latex?

Ready to feel like a sexy superhero? That’s exactly how it feels.

It’s sensual. It moulds to the shape of the body. It’s smooth and soft to the touch, arousing the senses of everyone involved.

At first, it may seem super weird. For some, wearing a latex dress or lingerie feels constricting and itchy. Don’t lose hope! These will subside after a few minutes.

Cue an empowering, stimulating and enticing companion. (Do we need to describe it anymore?)

We do. Described as a second skin, the tight fit of latex feels like a glove whilst offering the feel of skin-to-skin contact with its high sensitivity to touch.


First-timer or avid latex purchaser - latex is the perfect addition to some fun, kinky time! To best look after it, follow the top tips of Loveangel’s guide to wearing and caring for your latex garments.