Long Distance Sex Tips

Long Distance Sex Tips to Spice Things Up

Experiencing the challenge of keeping intimacy and passion alive in a long-distance relationship? Don’t fret – sex experts share some long distance sex tips and how to explore the heat of the moment even when miles and miles physically separate you.

What the sexperts say about long-distance sex 

Despite the distance between people in a committed relationship, FWB (friends with benefits and any other relationship in between, there are endless avenues you can explore to arouse one another. From sexting to technologically advanced sex toys, partners can easily navigate the sexual tension in long-distance relationships.

Keep in mind that when it comes to sex, there is no right or wrong answer. Finding what works for you and your partner is vital as long as it’s consensual, safe, and enjoyable for all involved!

Create arousal with some sultry texts

Ah, the wonderful world of sexting! Sexting creates a space where partners can arouse one another, build sexual tension, and enjoy moments of self-pleasure with the help of someone who truly turns them on.

Invoke your imagination (and your naughty side) with descriptive messages, emojis, sensual pictures, and even voice messages and phone sex. Besides bridging the gap for those in a long-distance situation, sexting offers a safe sensual zone to explore sexual fantasies and kinks that someone may not be ready to do so in real life. It also allows an experimental space to discover your own preferences and get to know your partner’s likes and dislikes. (This may come in handy when seeing them again!)

With all things sex, have a direct and open line of communication with your partner to see if they would like to sext before diving right into it. It’s key to slowly ease into it and have the sexting conversation beforehand to establish boundaries and parameters (unless someone has verbalised otherwise).

Good, good, vibrations

Besides technology gifting us the ability to enjoy phone sex and sexting, it has also stepped up our game of virtual arousal with remote-controlled vibrators! Elevate your sexting experience by sending vibrations to the receiver with the touch of a button.

For those looking for a more engaging long-distance sexual experience and stimulation for someone other than themselves, these interactive toys offer it all!

Keep the romance alive with virtual dates

For many of us, sexual attraction happens way before we get to the sex part. Setting up virtual romantic dates through a video platform regularly keeps the foundation of the relationship strong.

Predetermine what days work for both of you and schedule it in your diary. You could also take turns to “host” the dates for one another. Try not to cancel too often if something comes up to respect each other’s time and commitments. Use this time to create the mood: light some candles, put on some sexy music, get dressed up and share a virtual dinner.

Besides the usual dinner date, you can use this time to play a sex game like truth or dare or a strip game. Don’t put too much pressure or expectations on the experience – just enjoy each other’s company and see where the night takes you!

Send sensual gifts

Surprise your long-distance sexual partner with romantic and sensual gifts. It could be some sexy lingerie (which could be perfect for their next sexting photoshoot), a new sex toy or something you saw that reminded you of them. You could also send a few risque photographs and a handwritten letter if you want to add some personalisation to the gift.

Especially for those who enjoy gifting or receiving gifts as their love language, this little surprise lets them know that you’re thinking of them.

Communication is still sexy

An essential aspect of any type of relationship is communication. Staying in touch through regular messages and phone and video calls maintains the connection and sense of closeness you share.

Having an open line of communication also does wonders for your sex life! Talking about your preferences, desires and fantasies allows the other person to understand what you need or want in the long-distance relationship while simultaneously being aware of theirs. It also fosters a safe channel to express boundaries and needs beyond sexuality.

Focus on self-pleasure

Although this doesn’t explicitly involve another person, taking the time to self-pleasure can improve our sex, with others! How, you may ask? Well, masturbation is an opportunity to understand our turn-ons and offs. By exploring our own bodies, we can discover our sexual likes and dislikes, which we can then communicate with our partners.

Final thoughts

Long-distance relationships have some challenges when it comes to sexual connection, stimulation, and satisfaction. Fortunately, the sexperts offer long distance sex tips to keep the romance and sensual space between partners alive. Whether you are in a long-term committed relationship, a new relationship, sexual partners, friends with benefits, or somewhere else along the spectrum of relationships, sexting, sex toys, virtual dates, and gifts are there to help us remain sexually connected and turned on.