sex positions for the handicapable

Sex Positions For The Handicapable

While it’s not the most important aspect to a relationship, there’s no denying that sex plays a vital role in almost every relationship.
With that being said, there’s still a lot of stigma around those with disabilities, and how they can perform in the bedroom.
We’ve put together a list of sex positions for the handicapable. 
Let’s take a look. 

Sex Positions For The Handicapable: A Loveangels Guide 

The Sidecar

This one is designed for those in wheelchairs.
For this position, the receiving partner positions their legs on either side of the wheelchair, leaning forward onto the bed or couch until the wheelchair nearly entirely supports their weight.
From here, the penetrating partner can begin thrusting.
Those who struggle to thrust can wrap a scarf around the receiving partner’s hips and use this to pull themselves up and penetrate!

The Upside Down Turtle

For this position, one partner simply lies on their back, while the partner with the most mobility sits on top of them.
The most mobile partner is the one doing the majority of the work, but it gives the less mobile partner a chance to explore the partner’s body with their hands.

The Constellation

This is one of the best handicap sex positions for those with hip issues who enjoy oral sex.
Both partners lie on their backs with their legs pulled towards their body.
From there, they turn to face each other. 
Each partner holds onto the other partner’s legs, and goes to town!

The Wrap

Sex positions for the handicapable often focus on the most mobile partner doing the majority of the work.
Well, not with this one.
For this position, the penetrating partner lies on their back, with the receiving partner on top of them in a cowgirl position.
The difference here is that the receiving partner lifts their knees, allowing the penetrating partner to wrap their legs around the receiving partner to pull the receiving partner down to simulate thrusting.

The Sex Swing Satisfaction

One of the most straightforward positions, The Sex Swing Satisfaction makes use of a sex swing.
As one of the go-to toys for those with disabilities, sex swings can be used in just about any way you’d like.
This position simply has the receiving partner sit in the swing with their legs apart, while the penetrating partner does most of the work by thrusting, or pulling the receiving partner towards them.

The Lift And Lay

Last (but certainly not least), is the Lift And Lay.
It’s a simple spin on Missionary, but makes a world of difference.
The receiving partner lies on their back, with a pillow or two underneath their hips.
This makes it much easier for the penetrating partner to hit some sweet spots if they’ve got limited mobility. 

Conclusion On Sex Positions For The Handicapable

While sex for those with disabilities is tricky, it’s certainly not impossible. 
Contrary to what many people may think, sex positions for the handicapable don’t have to require lots of toys.
Or be complex.
Those with disabilities can still enjoy sex with their partners as long as they remember to:

  • Communicate
  • Lubricate
  • Listen to their bodies

And, above all, remember to have fun!