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How To Use A Sex Swing

Whether you’re a seasoned swinger, or new to the world of adult toys, sex swings can be a great way to experience new kinds of pleasure in the bedroom.
Let’s take a look at sex swings, as well as how to use them!

The Loveangels Guide To Sex Swings

What Is A Sex Swing?

As the name implies, a sex swing is a swing you use for sex.
And, although there’s a common misconception that sex swings are reserved for the BDSM world, you don’t need to be into blindfolds and restraints in order to enjoy using them!
Sex swings are designed to enhance sexual experiences by making it easier to try out new positions without both people needing to be flexible acrobats.
It’s great for those with disabilities, as it makes moving the body around much easier!

Types Of Sex Swings

There are a myriad of sex swings out there, and the have different uses.

Over-The-Door Sex Swings

These are the easiest to use for most people - and the most convenient.
All you need is a strong door, and somewhere to pack the swing away when you’re done!
For the most part, these swings have weighted barbells at the end of straps.
The straps hang over the door (which you close) to keep it in place.

Sex Slings

Sex slings look like a sex swing combined with a hammock.
They let whoever’s in the swing sit back.
They’re great for trying “zero-gravity” sex, and usually come with a caribiner clip you attach to a sex swing frame, or structural beams/ceiling rafters.
While sex slings require a bit more maintenance than other swings to set up, they’re definitely worth the investment for those looking for new experiences.

Traditional Sex Swings

Classic for a reason, the traditional swing offers maximum flexibility for the most positions.
They’re usually made up of two straps with two stirrups, and hang from the ceiling with a provided screw.

Why People Use Sex Swings

There really isn’t a definitive answer for this.
Some people may just want to try new things, while others may find it helpful if they struggle with flexibility in the bedroom.
The aim of sex swings is to allow you to work smarter, not harder.
(And to make sure you avoid pulling a muscle).

How To Use A Sex Swing

First and foremost, it’s important to make sure that your swing is properly secure and in place.
Once you’re sure it’s safe to use, try sitting in it.
As with all new things in sex, taking your time is the key to enjoying your experience the most.
If you feel any discomfort or pain, tell your partner to readjust how you’re positioned until it feels comfortable again.
And never, never, leave the restrained person unattended.
Not even for a second.
We recommend trying out some positions before you actually have sex to get the motions down, and make sure that you’re comfortable.
If you’re using a swing as part of BDSM play, it’s important to set a safe word beforehand, as well as discussing your boundaries in depth beforehand.
Once you’re comfortable being in the swing, it’s time to try some positions.

Top 5 Positions

  • The Standing Lotus

Also known as “Yab-Yum” in tantric sex, the Standing Lotus involves the receiving partner wrapping their arms and legs around the penetrating partner, who begins thrusting slowly. This position is very intimate, and can pair with breath work if you really want to feel connected.

  • Flying Doggy

The Flying Doggy is essentially Doggy Style.
The big difference?
The receiving partner is on the sex swing.
And it helps with knee, back, and leg pain.

  • Suspended Oral/69

For this position, the receiving partner suspends, while the giving partner can either kneel or stand, and go to town.
If you want to aim for mutual pleasure, try lying back, while one partner stands over the other, and bends over while offering themselves to the suspended partner’s mouth.

  • Assisted Anal

Anal play can be difficult for many people (especially beginners).
Enter the swing!
Assisted Anal involves using the swing to position the receiving partner in a way that allows them to be perfectly level with the penetrating partner, thereby reducing joint pain, and making sure that entry is as painless as possible.

  • Backwards Lapdance

This position involves both partners using the swing.
The penetrating partner lies on the swing, while the receiving partner sits on their lap.
Both partners keep their feet on the ground, and move back and forth until they climax.


Sex swings are a great way for people to try out new positions without needing to be flexible or acrobatic.
With that being said, it’s important to make sure that you’re careful.
Sex swings are dangerous if you don't install or use them correctly.
To make the most of your swing, make sure you communicate often, and remember - consent is the sexiest thing of all.