Sex Toys For Tech Nerds

Sex Toys For Tech Nerds

Sex Toys For Tech Nerds

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, spicing up things in the bedroom is never a bad idea. We wrote an article on the most popular classic sex toys online, and, while you can’t go wrong with adult sex toys like vibrators and masturbation sleeves, we’re always looking at taking pleasure to the next level, and that means making adult toys (yep, the classics) more tech-based. With COVID-19 and social distancing becoming more prominent, we saw a massive rise in the sale of sex toys online as people became more creative with the ways they approached intimacy and pleasure with their partners and others.

It also shows adult toys advancing in terms of what they can offer to people.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some sex toys for tech nerds - and, if any of them pique your interest, we’ve got stock of them too!


Satisfyer Double Wand-Er

Up first on the list is the Satisfyer Double Wand-Er.

Maintaining the classic wand shape, it’s taken things a step further with the addition of an app, which allows you to set your own vibration patterns, or have somebody else control them for you while you video call. Additionally, it’s water-proof, meaning that you can set the mood in the bath, and enjoy a glass of wine while you enjoy unique patterns - or each other.


Satisfyer Top Secret With App Control

Living up to its namesake, this toy isn’t just discreet - it’s risqué, too.

The Satisfyer Top Secret With App Control can be inserted into just about any part you can think of, and fits snugly enough for you to wear it out and about. With app integration, it allows for some interesting shopping trips for the wearer.


Cruizr Cp02 Rotating and Vibrating Automatic Masturbator With Adapter

This is no ordinary masturbation sleeve, gents.
The Cruizr Cp02 Rotating and Vibrating Automatic Masturbator With Adapter offers the next generation of masturbation. Not only is it electric and easy to charge - what sets this above other sex toys is that it rotates, can be suctioned on for hands-free enjoyment, and has a built in voice, meaning that you can enjoy yourself while a sultry voice tells you how much they enjoy it too.


Goddess Athena Vibrator

While it has the classic functions of a good ol’ rabbit vibrator, what makes the Goddess Athena Vibrator one of the more advanced adult toys is that it comes with a set of micro tongues, which rotate to mimic licking. Add on the 3 levels of intensity and 7 different rhythms, and you’ve got everything you need to keep yourself (or your partner) happy.


Satisfyer Bullseye App Control Vibrating Cockring

It’d only be fair to have one more toy on this list that’s made for men.

The Satisfyer Bullseye App Control Vibrating Cockring is a classic cockring - with a twist.

The adjustable loop makes it great for all sizes, and the app integration allows you (or your partner) to take control of the rhythm, making this great for solo play, or for use with somebody else.


Other Notable Steps In Tech-Based Adult Toys

The rise of Virtual Reality (VR) has also seen an integration of some adult toys (mostly for men) which allows for the complete sexual experience from the comfort of your couch.

Additionally, there are fully automated sex-dolls that can have conversations, flirt and react to foreplay, essentially mimicking humans.



While the future of sex toys is bright, it’s easy to see that a lot of the advancements rely heavily on the creativity of those who use them - something which makes adult toys so much fun to use in the first place.