Spice up your valentines day with loveangels

Spice Up Valentine’s Day With Loveangels

Roses are red,

The violets blue,

Cuffs are kinky

And so are you.

 Are you someone who celebrates Valentine’s Day? In a new relationship? Long-term? Single? On the hunt? Or somewhere in between? Beyond roses and chocolates, some sexy underwear and sultry language could be the perfect companions for this Valentine’s Day. Let Loveangels help you spice up valentine's day.

The Loveangels tips to spice up Your Valentine’s Day

Whether Cupid has recently struck his bow and you’re head over heels for someone, you’re in a long-term relationship and need some ideas to spark some romance, or single with no plans, Loveangels has all you need to have to make this Valentine’s Day spicy.

Kink it up with your partner

Need gift ideas for your romantic partner? Forget flowers and sweet treats – those are temporary! Gift a beautiful set of lingerie or a cute sex toy that can bring pleasurable moments for some time. Loveangels has curated a splendid array of sex toys, lingerie, games, and kink-specific gear to delight all of your needs.

Now that the gift is sorted, how can you add some excitement to your Valentine’s outing? You don’t have to wait for later in the evening when you have possibly made dinner date plans, kick off the romance and share some love throughout the day!

Send sultry texts throughout the day 

Build anticipation of what is to come later by sending your partner flirtatious texts. You can even throw some dirty talk that you know they enjoy.

Share a sexy selfie 

If you dare and you think they would appreciate it, send a selfie as a tease.

Wear your lingerie for later 

Get ready to surprise your partner when they get home with a new set of lingerie or toys that you haven’t used yet.

Or wear nothing at all 

If you have plans to go out for the night, don’t wear any underwear. Maybe whisper in your partner’s ear: “I’m not wearing anything underneath this.” And tease them throughout the evening. You could lean against them so they feel your nipple or lead their hand close to your crotch under the table.

Play a sex game 

Play truth or dare involving questions about their sexual desires and dares about your own fantasies. Or get sex dice and have some spontaneous fun in the bedroom. Any game can add some unexpected excitement to the evening!

Play out your fantasies 

Is your partner into some sensual play, BDSM, or roleplaying, or would like to try a new sex toy with you? If you are comfortable enough to try it with them, spice up Valentine’s Day by initiating their fantasies and kinks.

Be considerate by putting in the effort

For some people, feeling taken care of, thought of, or receiving kind words or acts of service is what they need to be turned on! Considering your partner’s needs and preferences allows them to feel safe and feeling safe is a massive turn-on! Maybe they enjoy a candle-lit bubble bath with their favourite wine and tunes, so surprise them with that.

Eat a dinner with foods that boost libido 

Oysters, truffle, chilli or chocolates? Enjoy a meal with your partner that can boost those happy hormones and ignite your desire.

Enjoy every moment

Valentine’s Day is mostly focused on romantic partners, which can add unnecessary pressure to the day’s expectations. Take the pressure off by predetermining with your partner what they would like to do, and openly communicate what your needs or expectations may be. Meet each other in the middle with honesty and respect, and remember just to have fun together!

No PG with friends on VD

Maybe you’re single, or you and your partner don’t celebrate the conventional way of Valentine’s Day. Why not throw a spicy dinner party with friends? If you have friends who would enjoy a non-conservative cocktail party, then this is the way to go. Some people may not be too into it, so always check in with people by sending an honest invite from the get-go.

(Remember: consent is king in the wonderful world of sexuality!)

Make kinky cocktails 

Sex on the Beach is already out there, but get creative and come up with interesting and naughty cocktail names. “Call me a good girl, Daddy”, “I only enjoy quickies”, or “Spank me is my safe word” are potential dirty names for cocktails.

Play non-PG games

Get to know your friends on a new level with erotic-themed games. Maybe everyone has a chance to play their favourite sex song or playlist. Strip poker? Truth or dare? The possibilities are endless.

Secret gifting

Following the premise of ‘Secret Santa’, everyone brings a sensual gift for another person attending, and you exchange it during the evening. This can surely spice up your Valentine’s Day with friends.

Activate self-pleasure

Valentine’s Day is not only reserved for couples and friends, it’s also a day that we can practice self-love and romance in our own company! Explore your sexuality, activate that sensuality, and gift yourself a moment of dripping-wet self-pleasure!

Gift yourself a delicious sex toy 

Ready to get turned on? Find a new sex toy like a vibrator or Fleshlight

Dress up in your sexiest lingerie

You don’t have to wait for someone else to get all dressed up. Wear something that boosts your confidence, look at yourself in the mirror and sensually explore how you feel wearing it.

Set the scene

Light candles, make yourself a yummy meal, run yourself a bubble bath, play some music and enjoy your own company and self-pleasure.

Final thoughts

Valentine’s Day is for everyone! Whether you are in a new or long-term relationship, single, or not interested in the romance of the day, you can spice up Valentine’s Day any way you like. From enjoying new fantasies with a partner, in the company of friends, or going on an adventure with your own sexuality, you can do whatever you like.