The Loveangels Guide To Wax Play

The Loveangels Guide To Wax Play

We’ve spoken before about what temperature play can do to change things up in the bedroom.
And, while it’s fun to play around with a cold spoon or go down on your partner with some ice cubes in your mouth, heating (and spicing) things up is just as much fun - but definitely more dangerous.
We’ve got some points to help you learn how to wax play to make sure that, if you do want to venture into the world of wax play, you’re not just wandering around in the dark - well, not with the wrong candle, at least!

Playing With Fire - The Loveangels Guide On How To Wax Play

Consent Is Sexy

The first thing in the guide to wax play should be the first thing in any sort of sexual exploration or kink: consent.
For beginners and veterans alike, wax play isn’t something that should be done hastily.
You are playing with fire (literally) and, if done incorrectly, wax can leave marks. Make sure your partner is fully aware of the risks and, if necessary, set up boundaries to make sure nobody gets hurt… more than they want to.

Pick The Right Wax/Candle

While it might feel more comfortable going into any store and picking up a pack of candles, it’s important to remember that these aren’t the ones you want to use for wax play.
Candles made for wax play are specifically designed to burn at a much lower temperature than normal candles, meaning you can get the heat without too much of a burn.
A good test is to light a candle and allow the tiniest drop of wax to land on your partner’s skin for them to tell you if they enjoy it or not.
If you’re looking for something less heat-intensive, you can always look at using massage candles, which essentially melt into oil which you can use for an intimate (and erotic) massage.

Get Some Warm Water

In the event that you do burn, it’s important to have something there to ease the pain.
Cold water shocks the system and intensifies burns, so be sure to use lukewarm or cool water to help with burns.

Be Careful Of Glass

Ideally, you should light your candle and leave it to burn for 15-20 minutes before you start using it in your wax play.
If you keep your candle in a glass container, it’s best to look at getting a candle warmer to ensure it melts evenly. 
Also, when using the candle, be sure you’ve blown the candle out. If you don’t, the flame could make contact with the glass and cause it to burn - or even shatter.

Prep The Area

Wax is a nightmare to clean up, and fire can be wily.
So make sure you’re in an area that keeps flammable objects to a minimum, and use vinyl sheets (or shower curtains in a pinch)  over the bed to make it easier to clean the wax up afterward.

Prep Yourself

No guide to wax play would be complete without this important tip.
If you want to learn how to wax play, you need to know that it’s called wax for a reason.
Make sure you shave your intimate areas to avoid having to remove cold, hard wax from your body and, ultimately, waxing yourself.
Baby oil is great for an intimate massage while the candle heats up, and makes removing wax significantly easier as well!


Try out different shapes, patterns and rhythms with your partner to see what they like.
You can adjust the amount of splashing by lowering or raising the candle to see what works best for you.

Try Adding In Some BDSM Elements

Wax play is often tied in with BDSM - try tying your partner up, or blindfolding them beforehand to add in the thrill of the unknown as the two of you explore a whole new sensation!


Wax play is a great way to heat things up in the bedroom (literally), but it’s important to remember to respect your partner, and to respect your tools.
The best guide to wax play is the one that tells you to be mindful, have fun, and remember - consent is sexy.