types of gags

Types of Gag

When it comes to BDSM, there are a lot of tools at your disposal.
Perhaps one of the most well-known tools is the gag.
But, like everything else in the world of BDSM, there’s no one-size-ties-all when it comes to picking the perfect one.
That’s why we’re here to break down each of the types of gag, and find out which one is best for you!

Types Of Gags - A Loveangels Guide

Ball Gags

The most iconic type of gag has got to be the ball gag.
For these, a ball is strapped into the mouth behind the teeth, and is secured behind the head.
The ball is usually silicone, rubber, or plastic, and sometimes has breather holes as well.

Bit Gags

Bit gags look like the bits you see on a horse’s bridle.
It’s usually a bar that’s held in place with straps that go around the wearer’s mouth, and is normally a soft rubber cylinder.
They can also come in other shapes, like dog bones.

Butterfly Gags

A butterfly gag is a wing-shaped gag with a circular centrepiece and an inflatable bulb.
The centrepiece is placed behind the teeth, and the gag is inflated.
This gag is difficult to keep in the mouth, so it usually also has something like an O-ring gag attached.

Detective/ Over The Mouth Gags

Also known as OTM gags, these can range from the sensual to the extreme.
They’re called OTM gags because they cover the mouth.
It’s normally a soft material like a scarf or bandanna, and is tied behind the wearer’s head.
It’s a popular gag in “damsel in distress” type scenarios.

Bandit/ Over The Nose Gags

Also called OTN gags, these are basically the same as OTM gags, with the main difference being that they also go over the wearer’s nose.

Cleave Gags

The cleave gag is a more effective version of the OTM gag.
Instead of going over the wearer’s mouth, the material goes in the wearer’s mouth, and between their teeth.

Forniphilic Gags

Forniphilic gags are gags that objectify and humiliate the wearer.
Forniphilia is a kink where people are bound and used as furniture and other objects.
These gags are normally used as a mounting point for other tools which allows the wearer to perform basic tasks.
Some attachments include:

  • Dildos
  • Vibrators
  • Toilet brushes
  • Feather dusters
  • Boot brushes
  • Floor brushes

Funnel Gags

As the name implies, funnel gags are gags that have a funnel on them.
The funnel has a tube that leads into the wearer’s mouth, usually with straps to hold the funnel in place.
This gag essentially forces the wearer to drink whatever is poured into it.
It's common in extreme BDSM scenes involving urine, semen, and other bodily fluids.

Muzzle Gags

Also similar to OTM gags, muzzle gags are different in that they resemble the muzzles you’d  see on dogs. 
They can come as standalones, or as part of something like a puppy mask.
These have a very strong psychological effect on people, as they associate this kind of restriction with animals.

Pecker Gags

Pecker gags (AKA penis gags) are gags that have a bulge that looks like… well, a pecker.
Firsty, It’s placed in the mouth, and can be sucked on like a pacifier.
It usually ha another gag to keep it in place, but many come with a strap that does the trick.

O-Ring Gags

Ring gags are like a ball gag, except there’s a hole where the ball would be.
The ring reduces the risk of choking - and gives easy access to the mouth.
It’s common in more extreme BDSM scenarios, and consensual-non-consent scenes.

Spider Gags

Spider gags are a variation of the ring gag. They’ve got hooks on either side to stop the wearer from being able to flip the ring horizontally in their mouth.
The spider gag is more functional as a gag that restricts movement.

Tape Gags

Tape gags are just a piece of tape over the mouth.
While many people use PVC, duct, or gaffer tape, these can cause injuries if left on for too long.
Many bondage tapes also work as gags.
So if like this type of gag, look at bondage tape.

Conclusion - Which Type Of Gag Is Best?

Like most things in the world of adult toys and BDSM, the best types of gags are the ones that you like using the most.
If you prefer something with more movement, you should look at an OTM, OTN, or tape gag.
If you want something more constricting, then you’d want cleave, bit, ball, pecker, muzzle, and spider gags.
However, if you want something more extreme, you should look at funnel and forniphilic gags.
Whatever you choose, always check in with your partner in any scenario.
And remember - consent is sexiest of all!