16 Household Items That Double As Sex Toys

16 Household Items That Double As Sex Toys

As an adult toy store, we know how much joy (and pleasure) sex toys can bring to singles and couples alike.
But what do you do if you don’t have toys available?
We’ve put together a list of 16 household items that can double as DIY sex toys!

DIY Sex Toys: A Guide To Household Items That Double As Sex Toys

  • Electric Toothbrush

The one you probably could have predicted is the electric toothbrush.
While it’s great for brushing teeth, these DIY sex toys can pack as many vibrations (if not more) as a rabbit.
All you need to do is put the handle between your legs, switch it on, and feel the vibrations take hold.

  • Cellphone

Looking for things that vibrate in your home? 
These amazing pieces of technology aren’t just great for sexting, folks! If you’re looking for something to get you going quickly, then the cellphone is just what you need!
With apps like iVibe and Vibrator Strong providing customisable vibrations for you, all you have to do is pop it into something like a sock and use it the same way you would a vibrator. 

  • Wooden Spoon

If you’re in need of a spanking (or need to give one), then the wooden spoon is about as good as any paddle, making it the perfect toy for you - just make sure you’re not spanking too hard!

  • Hair Brush

The handle of a hair brush makes a great DIY sex toy too!
Whether it’s being used on you or your partner, make sure that you put a condom over it to prevent infection - and use plenty of lube!

  • Couch

Looking to spice things up?
Try having sex on the couch! 
Or, if you’re looking for a new way to get off, you can always try grinding against an armrest.
Just make sure you keep your underwear on in case somebody needs to sit there later on!

  • Paperclips

Another great DIY sex toy is the humble paperclip.
Not just good for keeping pages together, paperclips are great as nipple clamps. Who said stationery was boring?

  • Clothes Pegs

If you can’t find any paper clips, then maybe you have some clothes pegs lying around.
Depending on the type of clothes peg, you could use these to pinch nipples, the clitoris, testicles, or just about anything else you’d want to.

  • Board Games

Board games? Yes, board games.
Think about it - all it takes for a board game to get steamy is a naughty approach.
Playing Monopoly and got sent to jail? Bribe your way out with a sexual favour. 

  • Socks

Socks are another classic on the DIY sex toys list.
Fill one up with lube, and use it on yourself or a partner for a one-of-a-kind handjob.

  • Scrunchie

This one might not jump out right away, but once you think about it, there’s no unseeing it.
Scrunchies are a great alternative to cock rings.
The elastic makes it adjustable, and it’ll have fun colours, too!

  • Washing Machine

Whether you’re alone or with a partner, the washing machine is a great way to get off - as long as it’s turned on!

  • Tights

Don’t throw away those old tights just yet! 
They can be great as a makeshift blindfold, or cuffs if you’re clever!

  • Select Foods

We say “select” foods, but the truth is: if it’s shaped like a penis, you can put it in a condom and use it like a dildo!

  • Metal Cutlery

We’ve spoken about temperature play before, and metal cutlery is a great way to try it out.
Grab a metal spoon and warm it up between your hands as a substitute for your fingers, or pop a butter knife in the fridge - the sensation of cold metal paired with a blade is a great way to give anybody goosebumps!

  • Belt

Another great cuff substitute, the belt is great because you don’t need any experience in tying knots.
Want something else to use it for?
Try using it for some steamy impact play!

  • Ice Cubes/ Mints

Pop some ice cubes in your mouth and go down on your partner - or suck on a mint for some cooling oral fun!


Fun doesn’t need sex toys, but it never hurts to have some lying around if you’re looking for something new!

P.S. Make sure to clean what you use before and after - hygiene is most important of all!