Best Positions For Pregnant Sex

Best Positions For Pregnant Sex

We all know that having sex can be fun - but that’s not its only purpose.
And, we all know that, if you’re not using protection (link to Condom guide) or precautions, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a surprise on the way.
But, while sex and pregnancy seem to go hand-in-hand, it can feel alien to try and do once you’ve got a bun in the oven.

From early-pregnancy nausea to heartburn and a near-constantly full bladder to later-pregnancy back pains, fatigue and constipation, it can be tricky to find a way to have sex comfortably, let alone enjoyable - although orgasms while pregnant are so much more intense.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The Loveangels team is here to give you 6 great sex positions for pregnant women to make sure you can enjoy sex without feeling discomfort.

The Loveangels Guide To Sex Positions For Pregnant Women

Before we show any positions, it’s important for us to point out some things first:

  1. While sex may be perfectly safe for most pregnant women, it’s important to consult with your doctor beforehand.
  2. After 20 weeks, you should try to avoid lying on your back for more than a few minutes at a time.
  3. Always warm up and use lubricant liberally - the wetter the better.
  4. If you’ve never tried to have anal sex before, now isn’t the best time to try.
    But, if you really do want to, make sure you have at least 10 minutes of foreplay and use plenty of anal lube.

Without further ado, let’s get into the best positions to have sex when pregnant!

  • The Sexy Spoon

Start by lying on your side, with your partner lying behind you and penetrating you from there.
This position doesn’t allow for deep penetration, but all of the nerve endings in the vulva are only located within 2cm or so from the entrance. It also makes the vagina feel tighter. 
If you want to spice things up, you can always add in a vibrating cock ring to keep your partner harder for longer, and to increase your chance of orgasm with just penetration.
Your partner can also play with your nipples or clitoris with their fingers or a toy for extra pleasure.

  • The Close Up

Similar to the Sexy Spoon, the Close Up has you and your partner lying on your sides.
The difference here is that you raise your top leg slightly.
Your partner lies next to you on their side and cradles you closely before penetrating you from behind.
They can also hold your thigh and raise it higher for extra deep penetration.
The Close Up is great for those who want the intimacy of spooning with some extra speed and depth.

Wands are a great toy for this position, but you can also use a vibrating butt plug if you’d like to go for something a bit different.

  • The Goddess

One of the best positions to have sex when pregnant, The Goddess has you kneeling on top and lowering yourself down onto your partner with your feet on either side of them, using his legs for balance and support.
Your partner keeps his feet flat on the floor and holds on to your waist.
This position allows you to gently rock and rub against him, which makes it a great sex position for pregnant women by putting you in complete control. You can also have him rise to meet your movements, and watch as you both climb to orgasm together.
The Goddess is great with finger vibrators for teasing strokes and clitoral stimulation. 

  • Rise And Shine

Are you a fan of oral?
Then the Rise And Shine is the position for you!
Start by lying down with your head hanging off of the bed.
Make sure your knees are up and your legs are apart.
Have your partner stand near you, putting their hands on your knees or stomach, while you go to town on them.

Your partner can use his fingers or toys to play with your nipples or stimulate you, and you can always add some flavoured lube for extra taste.

  • Come Together

As the name implies, this position is great if you want to… well, come together!
Start by kneeling down opposite your partner and mirroring them.
With your hand, you can stimulate your partner while they stimulate you.
Feel free to use lube, finger vibrators, or anything else you can think of while you and your partner bond with each other and come together.

  • Aphrodite

One of the best sex positions for pregnant women - especially if you want to feel adored.
All you have to do for this one is to lie down and have your partner kneel over you. 
Close your eyes, and let him explore your body with his hands or toys.
And, while that’s happening, enjoy yourself!


When it comes to the best position to have sex when pregnant, it’s entirely up to you to find what you feel most comfortable doing.
With that being said, we know this list contains something for everybody, and we hope you enjoy yourself.
Remember to lube liberally, and be gentle if you’re having sex while pregnant!