sex toys in relationships

How Sex Toys Can Strengthen Your Sex Life

Whether you’ve been married for years, or just want to change things up, sex toys can be a great way to add a new element to the bedroom.
If you’ve been wondering how to spice up a relationship, you’ve found the right place.
Let’s look at some sex toys, and how they can spice up your sex life (and strengthen your relationship).

How Sex Toys Can Strengthen Your Sex Life

We’ve got a few toys that can change the way you have fun in the bedroom - as well as how it’s helpful to your relationship!

Restraints - Trust

As a gateway to many other toys, restraints are a great way to get into using sex toys in the bedroom.
But they’re also great for one of the most important aspects of a relationship: trust.
When you tie your partner up (or down), you’re taking on the responsibility of making sure nothing happens to them. That means that they’re showing you that they trust you to take care of them (something that you should never take for granted).

Strap-ons - Communication

While strap-ons are best known for their use in pegging, they’re also a fantastic example of how to focus on communication in your relationship.
When roles swap to that degree (especially for beginners looking to get into pegging), it’s important to make sure both parties are on the same page in terms of what’s working - and what isn’t.
While it’s important to have that understanding in the bedroom, it’s doubly important to have it outside of the bedroom as well. 

Vibrators/Male Masturbators - Independence

Want to learn how to spice up a relationship?
Focus on your independence.
After all, your partner fell in love with you for being yourself - so make sure that person is still there!
Vibrators and male masturbators aren’t just great sex toys for use with couples - they’re also great for use alone.
It’s important to remember that, while you’re with somebody special, you are your own person, and that you have control over yourself. Keep that independence, and you’ll definitely keep your partner.
If you want to step things up a notch, why not clone your partner’s privates?
There are some great places to find DIY kits to make copies of your partner’s intimate area, which you can use when they’re not around!

Massage Oils - Quality Time

What better way to set the mood than with an intimate massage?
By coupling it with one of the building blocks of a solid relationship, of course!
Quality time is important in any relationship, and being able to unwind after a long day with a sensual massage from a partner is great for setting the mood - and strengthening the relationship!

Anal Toys - Vulnerability

Last (but certainly not least) are anal toys.
These sex toys are great for venturing into new areas of pleasure - and a great way to make yourself vulnerable.
Many people find anal sex and anal play to be taboo, and can feel uncomfortable when confronted with the idea.
That’s a great metaphor for many people when entering into (or addressing issues in) a relationship.
By opening up yourself to anal play with your partner, you’re showing them that you want to be vulnerable around them - and that they can be vulnerable around you as well!


While sex toys are good at spicing up the relationship, they’re also great at reinforcing long-standing (and really important) aspects within them.
If you’re curious about bringing sex toys into the bedroom, have a look at our guide to telling your partner you want to introduce sex toys in the bedroom.
And remember - have fun with your partner - and make sure you’ve got consent (it’s the sexiest thing of all).