sex toy myths

Sex Toy Myths

Despite their growing popularity, sex toy myths are still a big thing.
Luckily, the Loveangels team is here to look at some of the biggest myths, and set the record straight.

Sex Toy Myths Debunked

Sex Toy Myth #1: They Decrease Sensitivity

This is easily one of the biggest myths out there.
The truth is that, as a whole, sex toys can’t decrease sensitivity.
There’s a chance that using a super strong vibrator too much can sometimes cause a temporary decrease in sensitivity. But it lasts for a few minutes at most - and it’s extremely rare.

Sex Toy Myth #2: Sex Toys Cause Addiction

People can get used to using sex toys. 
But that doesn’t mean they’re addictive.
If somebody prefers to use sex toys as opposed to masturbation or sex, that’s their choice - by no means an addiction.

Sex Toy Myth #3: Sex Toys Are For Single People

Absolutely false!
In a previous blog about introducing sex toys into the bedroom, we pointed out that sex toys are definitely a great addition to the bedroom as a way to add new sensations and enhance pleasure.

Sex Toy Myth #4: Adult Toys Feel Better Than Sex

Some people may say it’s up for debate, but the fact of the matter is that using sex toys is definitely not a replacement for having sex with a person.

Sex Toy Myth #5: Higher Price = Higher Quality

While sex toys with a higher price are normally made of better materials, and last longer, they’re by no means “better” than cheaper sex toys.
The best quality sex toys are the ones that you get the most enjoyment from, regardless of the price tag.

Sex Toy Myth #6: Sex Toys Are Dangerous For Your Health

While it’s true that using toys that aren’t made from body-safe materials can be harmful, the idea that using a sex toy, in general, is bad for your health isn’t just wrong - it’s silly.
Sex toys promote sexual health and being comfortable in your own skin, and it’s more likely that your can opener is going to be dangerous for your health than your vibrator.

Sex Toy Myth #7: Using Sex Toys Makes You “Kinky”

The definition of “kinky” changes from person to person. 
So, while some people may think that using sex toys is kinky, the truth is that sex toys say more about how comfortable you are with your sexuality than anything else.

Sex Toy Myth #8: Older Adults Don’t Use Sex Toys

This is another myth that doesn’t really have any backing to it.
Sex toys aren’t limited to age. In fact, we even wrote a blog covering the benefits of sex toys for the elderly!

Sex Toy Myth #9: Sex Toys Are The Sign Of A Failing Sex Life

Wrong, wrong, wrong!
Many studies have found that sex toys are a healthy addition to intimacy.
And they've been shown to strengthen relationships!

Sex Toy Myth #10: Sex Toys Are Shameful

This one comes from the taboo that’s existed around sex toys for years.
There’s no shame in exploring your sexuality, and the stereotype of seedy shops selling sex toys is long in the past.
In fact, many stores (like ours) are strong parts of their communities, and some stores (like ours) offer discreet delivery, too!


While myths will probably be around for a long time, the fact that so many people are opening up to the idea of bringing them into the bedroom shows that the world’s view of intimacy, sexual health, and pleasure, are changing to one that’s inclusive and welcoming.
If you’re in the world of sex toys, or just looking at starting, remember that using toys isn’t shameful.
And remember the lube!