glass sex toys

What's The Point Of Glass Sex Toys?

While they might seem strange because of their weight, and unique designs, glass sex toys are a must-have for any adult toy lover. 
But what’s the hype about? Let’s take a look at glass sex toys.

Glass Sex Toys - What’s The Fuss?

There are various reasons glass sex toys are a great choice, such as:

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Unlike silicone, plastic, and rubber sex toys, glass dildos and sex toys are great for the environment.
They don't emit harmful chemicals when they break down, and glass is infinitely recyclable, making it the best choice for adult toy materials.

They’re Decorative

Their unique, eye-catching designs mean that glass sex toys are easy to hide in plain sight.
You could have it on your mantle or bookshelf, and nobody would know that it’s not just a pretty glass ornament.

They’re Easy To Clean

Unlike silicone and other materials, glass sex toys are incredibly easy to clean.
In fact, you could pop them in the dishwasher with your other glassware!

They’re Long-Lasting

Glass sex toys are made from tempered glass, meaning they won’t break, chip, or crack - even if dropped.
On top of that, it won’t ever break down. So, if you take care of it, your glass dildo will last you the rest of your life!

They Work With Any Lube (And Less Of It, Too)

In our ultimate guide to lube, we spoke about different lubes, and what they’re used for.
But some lubes don’t work well with some toys (silicone lube isn’t great for silicone toys, for instance).
The beauty of glass dildos and other glass toys is that they can be used with any lube at all - and less of it.
Because glass is nonporous, it doesn’t absorb lube the way other toys do, which means you get more for less!

They’re Great For Temperature Play

Glass toys and temperature play go hand in hand.
Unlike other toys that take a while to warm up to the temperature of your body, glass toys can be run under warm water, or popped in the fridge, and retain whatever temperature you want it to reach quickly - making it great for spicing things up (or cooling them down)!

They’re Hard

Glass toys are designed to hit specific spots right away.
Unlike other dildos, glass sex toys will allow you to find the pleasure points immediately.
They don’t absorb any pressure you apply at the base, meaning that you’ve got ultimate control in both vaginal and anal play.

They’re Made To Please

Glass sex toys are designed to be pleasure-centric.
That means they’re ridged and ribbed in just the right way, and allow for effortless movement, which means the big O is sure to appear before you know it!

They’re Great For Group Play

Because glass sex toys are so easy to clean, they can easily be used in orgies, threesomes, or other forms of group play.

They Can Also Be Vibrators

Believe it or not, glass vibrators exist!
While they’re not as common as we’d like, they are out there (and on our site), meaning you get the best of glass with the sweet vibrations you’d normally only find in other toys! 

They’re Great For Beginners

If you’re getting into the world of adult toys, then investing in a glass dildo is a great way to start.
As we’ve said above, they offer more control and durability than other adult toys, and are much easier to keep clean, too!


At the end of the day, the material you choose is entirely up to you.
If you find silicone or rubber to be more enjoyable, then there’s absolutely no reason to change.
But if you’re looking to try something different - or want to invest in a sex toy that’s totally worth it, glass sex toys are the way to go.