best sex positions

The Best Sex Positions For All Kinds Of Couples

There’s certainly no shortage of sex positions for both same-sex and heterosexual couples.
But what about the positions that are applicable for both?
Let’s take a look at 10 of the best sex positions for couples of all kinds!

Best Sex Positions For Everyone


A classic - and for good reason.
Despite what people may think, Missionary isn’t exclusive to hetero couples.
The position involves the receiving partner laying on their back, with the penetrating partner on top of them.
For lesbian couples (and those without penises), fingers and strap-ons are an easy way around the point of penetration.


Sex positions that focus on oral sex are often the most gender-inclusive.
The 69 is no different. 
Have one partner lie on their back, while the other partner lies on top of them facing the opposite way.
From here, it’s easy for both parties to go to town on one another!

Standing Ovation

Another great oral sex position, the Standing Ovation has one partner standing, while the other partner kneels between their legs and pleasures the standing partner.
If you want to spice things up, one partner can try tying up the other to experiment with some BDSM elements.

Reacharound Doggy Style

A great take on the famous Doggy Style position, Reacharound Doggy Style focuses on pleasuring the receiving partner as well as the penetrating one.
For this position, the receiving partner gets down onto all fours. 
From there, the penetrating partner positions themselves behind the receiving partner, and enters them from behind, either anally or vaginally.
The spin comes in here, as the penetrating partner leans forward to stimulate the receiving partner with their hand.


For this position, the penetrating partner lies on their back, while the receiving partner kneels over them.
From here, the penetrating partner can thrust upward, or lie still as the receiving partner rocks back and forth.
This position can also be experienced anally or vaginally, and for lesbian couples too, if they make use of their fingers, or a strap-on.

Reverse Cowgirl/Cowboy/Cowthey

Similar to the Cowgirl/Cowboy/Cowthey, this position just has the receiving partner turn around and face away.
It’s a great sex position for highlighting the rear, and is ideal for those with low confidence, too!


Of the sex positions on this list, this is easily one of the most intimate.
Both parties lie on their side, with the penetrating partner behind the receiving partner.
If penetration is involved, the receiving partner can raise their leg to allow easier access.
If there’s no penetration, then both parties can use their hands to pleasure one another.

Mutual Masturbation

Can’t go wrong with this one.
Both partners face one another.
From here, they can either pleasure one another, or themselves to show off to their partner.
This one is also great for incorporating sex toys.

The Pretzel

Another great sex position that ensures both parties can enjoy themselves at the same time, The Pretzel isn’t as daunting as it sounds.
The receiving partner lies on their side while the penetrating partner straddles the receiving partner’s right leg, and wraps their left leg around their side.
From here, penetration is easy to achieve, or some simple grinding against one another if that’s what you’re looking for.

The Yab-Yum

This is a position we covered in our guide to Tantric sex.
For this position, the penetrating partner sits with their legs crossed.
The receiving partner sits on their lap, with their legs wrapped around the penetrating partner’s lower back.
From here, penetration or manual stimulation is easy.


These sex positions are by no means the entire list, and there’s a lot of variation that you can achieve.
For lesbian couples, we recommend using toys such as vibrators, strap-ons, and double-sided dildos.
For all couples, we recommend lots of lube, lots of communication, and to always remember that consent is sexiest of all!